6 Secret Tips To Ensure Your Website Matches Your Classy Sales Pitch

Classywebsite.jpgEvery business wants their website to deliver sales leads, but what happens after you get the lead? Have you thought about how your website is used once a prospect has begun the evaluation process?

You got the lead, but do you think your website has finished its job? No way, think again.

Is your website educating your potential prospects after you speak with them?

The buyers journey has many stages of evaluation, and they all include your website. Your prospects are coming back to your website to reinforce their evaluation of you.

Studies show that 61% of global Internet users research products online. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012) This was 2012. In 2015, it's way more, and it happens all through the entire sales process.

And consider that 86% of consumers stated that using a search engine allowed them to learn something new or important that helped them increase their knowledge (Pew Research Center, Search Engine Use 2012). It's vital that your website goes beyond what you think might be lead generating.

To become a lead closing powerhouse your website needs to be lead enhancing. 

As your leads are evaluating your business, chances are very high they are also researching your website. The prospects are discovering, learning and validating your business. 

Does your website match your sales pitch?

Are you selling goods and services that are not on your website? Are you making claims that you are not backing up in writing? Maybe it's time to improve your website?

Do you even know if your prospects are on your website?

Do you have the web pages to make your prospect feel comfortable with doing business with you? Do you have an inbound marketing strategy?

Here are six golden tips to get your website in better shape for the evaluation stage. 

1) Have team pages, with individual pages for each person.

It's not B2B, B2C, its P2P. It's people to people world. Prospects like to know as much as thy possibly can about you and your business. After analysing most customers HubSpot portals, we made an interesting discovery. The second most clicked pages on (after the home page) are the team pages.

After and during the period of engagement it is not uncommon for people to click on the staff profiles to learn more about the team and the way you work.

(Check out The Kingdom team page here to get an feel for the action)

2) Make sure you talk about price.

People want to know how much you cost. Even if your pricing is complicated, it is still vital that you include the methodology on how you arrive at your price.

Tell people the price. Show how you add value. Show how you provide value for money. People will appreciate and trust you more.

3) Advise people on the steps of your buying process.

For B2B, this is all about the stages a customer can expect as a part of the evaluation and decision process. You know your business better than anybody. Help your customers understand the ride they are in for if they say yes.

If you are B2C or e-commerce, then help the customer make a choice. Help by explaining warranties, shipping advice, return policies, payment details, finance options and so on. Make it easy for them to buy from you. 

4) Help them understand what happens if it all goes pear-shaped.

At the core of many decisions is fear of what happens if it all goes pear-shaped. Advise your customers on what they can expect if the deal goes wrong for them. Give them a heads up on how the future might look.

5) Get The Free HubSpot Sales hub.

HubSpot Prospects is included in the HubSpot Free Sales Hub. This lets you see who is visiting your website. 

 HubSpot gives you x-ray vision into seeing what you prospects are interested in and when they are engaging in your site. 


6) Give your website an Inbound Marketing overhaul.

An inbound marketing website will provide your prospects the content they need to complete their buyer journey.

Make your site inbound-friendly and you will increase your leads and grow your sales conversions. People use the web all the time to shape their decisions, make sure you are in the right place nurturing them.

Your website is a powerful tool in the modern business world; it can make or break you.

Isn't it time you became a maker, not a breaker?

If you would like a free inbound marketing assessment from The Kingdom Inbound Marketing expert team, please click on the link below. We will provide an excellent inbound overview of your website, without obligation, and no charge.

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