We Reveal the One Thing You Must Have On Your Website

Today we investigate the one thing that you must have on your website.

What is the one thing that all consumers want to see on your website? It's the same one thing that so many people fail to disclose, that creates frustration when not obvious.

It's price.

Price is the golden piece of information that all consumers want to see.

People are going to your website to evaluate and trust your business. Price is a key part of their value-for-money quest. 

If you fail to provide the answer to "How much does it cost to...", then you are missing a huge opportunity to set the value-for-money agenda early in the conversation and build trust.

Ultimately the price has to be revealed sometime, so why not get in early and create trust?

Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson discuss the benefits of talking price on your website in this episode of The Kingdom Live.

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