Why You Should Have Goals For Your Content Marketing

Do you have marketing goals? Many businesses will have sales goals and KPI's but what about marketing? 


As an inbound marketing agency we are working with clients on a daily bases wanting to get more sales and leads for their business. In nearly all cases though, the businesses that we work with need help with defining their specific marketing goals. 

With sales and marketing joined by the marketing-technology revolution it is time to give your Marketing some SMART goals.

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What are SMART goals?

HubSpot, the inventor of the inbound marketing movement define them as goals that are:







These goals are the basis of our outsourced marketing service to ensure you get return on invesment for your inbound marketing and social media investment. Working with our award winning HubSpot developer team, we take your goals and build you a website based on Growth Driven Design principles. 

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Zaahn Johnson and Adam Steinhardt discuss the power of SMART goals in this episode of The Kingdom Live. 


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