9 Trade Secrets to Building a Lead Generating Website.

Are your sales leads getting harder to find? The Kingdom reveal our trade secrets on how to build an organic lead generating website machine.

These 9 steps explain how we do it?

1. Deploy HubSpot.

Using HubSpot lets you view which of your contacts is on your website and we can see the links they click and the pages they are viewing. For a salesperson, this is a dream. Plus, the HubSpot toolset allows for fast deployment of website pages, live chat, analytics, call to action, and forms to enable the quick generation of content to keep up with the competitive internet world. 

2. Make the Website a Strategic Sales Tool.

Configure the website to be a sales lead nurturing website. Many websites are built based on a WordPress template to look good, not necessarily to be an effective sales site.

We build the website to get sales leads by helping your prospects learn about your goods and services

3. Divide the content into the Sales Funnel.

Create a sales strategy for the website. The content exists to help the customer with their pain points and nurture them to a result that indicates if they are a potential lead.

Focus on paying attention to the customer, giving them what they need, in the right order, not just what they ask for.

The sales team exists to create a deeper relationship with the potential customer based on what they are looking for and help them to achieve the desire results.

4. Answer The Prospects Questions.

If you are not answering the prospects' questions via Google, then your opposition is. Your website must become one massive FAQ of your industry. Not just one FAQ page, but answering as many questions as you can that would be asked by the prospect.

The content should have value added in order to lead to the next stage of the sales funnel. So, if someone visits a product page, they should see a reason to come back and a reason to buy. Sometimes that is just more information. Sometimes that is a way to download an ebook. For others, it’s a great lead capture form.

5. How do we answer the questions the customer is searching for?

We harvest 100 questions focusing on the challenges that the prospects have. Then have the experts answer them.

Doing this guides the audience on a journey of trust to a call-to-action conclusion. The questions take the knowledge of the experts - your team - and make that visible. The content must convert visitors into leads. The conversion strategy is what the content should be doing to facilitate the results. Create a sales strategy for the content.

This content gives Google the answers to the questions prospects are asking. As a result, the organic search goes up and trust increases. As trust increases, the likelihood of a sales interaction increases too. 

6. Targeted communications.

Using HubSpot, we create specialized lists that divide the prospects into the corresponding stage of the funnel. From there, we will furnish those prospects with the right content, using marketing automation to enhance their education and subsequent trust further. This is done by email and social media.

7. Conversion once there is trust.

Once the salesperson obtains trust, they will then be ready for contact, either initiated by using the meeting tools, forms, or live chat options in HubSpot. HubSpot has multiple tools that we can deploy easily and quickly that assist this sales process. 

Automation allows us to be more patient as the digital tools will keep in touch with the prospects that are just beginning their journey.

8. Nurturing using digital tools.

We use email marketing to specifically talk to the prospects based on what stage of the funnel they are at. Gone are the days of mass email effectiveness. We create a specific content offer that matches the consideration phase of the customer.

To further supplement this, we will use audience re-marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase engagement and to make the customer increasingly familiar with what you do. 

HubSpot is a very effective tool that minimizes the labor time required to make all this work. 

9. Cost and value considerations:

What is the cost of not changing? Staying the same in an evolutionary digital world is a dangerous tactic. The increase in content on your website is an asset that has a future realizable value. 

Let technology do the heavy lifting, providing warmer leads to experienced salespeople. Top-level sales staff get more done and spend less time cold prospecting. 

The power of a healthy sales pipeline allows you to pick off the quality deals that best match your business. 

Plus, having the analytics to refine and improve your website justifies the financial investment alone. 

Content marketing is a multi-step process. It's a never-ending marketing campaign with a focus on digital content. Content marketing uses the creation and sharing of digital content as a strategy for attracting and acquiring customers.

If you would like help with your website we are offering a free website audit. We spend three hours on your website and give you plenty of tips to improve your lead generation. 

The Kingdom have an expert team of certified HubSpot developers and experts who have in-depth knowledge of all the features of HubSpot and how to implement them on your website. We have extensive experience working in the HubSpot platform and can help you set up and optimize your new website the right way.

The Kingdom helps businesses build powerful digital marketing tools to get value and growth from their HubSpot investment. Login to the HubSpot CRM then speak to The Kingdom team today.

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