6 Reasons to Follow up on the Phone for Sales Success

Are you wondering if sales prospecting by telephone is still a worthy way to convert prospects to customers?

Are you wondering how to do a better job of nurturing your sales leads down the sales funnel?

The Kingdom, social media expert Zaahn Johnson and CEO Adam Steinhardt discusses the power of the telephone.

When working in sales and marketing, it is easy to jump straight to email to connect with your prospects. Email certainly has significant advantages, but it's still important to pick up the phone in the middle of sales negotiations.


The phone allows vibrant personality to come through and impress the customer.

Convert more leads with inbound and the phone

Inbound marketing is super powerful at bringing in leads and prospects. Using automated sales and marketing software like HubSpot can drive more leads for you. However, sales conversion benefits from verbal contribution.

Many businesses are using content marketing to generate website interest. Experienced salespeople talking to prospects can make a significant difference. Especially in regards to deal conversion.

On the phone, tone is 86% of our communication. Words we actually use are only 14% of our communication.   [Source: ContactPoint] 

As an inbound marketing agency, we seek the best ways to get the right sales analytics. It can be a choice of inbound marketing tools vs outbound marketing.

How do you track sales success?

But, when considering the marketing metrics to track, it is vital to track phone calls. So how do you do this easily? A great modern day cloud-based CRM is a great tool for smart marketers.

Our skilled sales team discuss the benefits of The HubSpot CRM. If you want sales growth, the HubSpot CRM is a free tool that will track telephone call productivity. The HubSpot CRM organises you with easy to use software features to make sure you.

If you would like a free demo of the HubSpot CRM, you can sign up here.

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