5 Innovative Ways to Inject Personality Into Your Business

The Internet has revolutionised every business. One of the hardest marketing challenges is to have your message heard in a content marketing world that is exploding.

As an inbound marketing agency, we are working daily with customers wanting to maximise their social media and marketing engagement.

Discover our secrets to success as CEO Adam Steinhardt and social media expert Zaahn Johnson discuss.

Being boring is the kiss of death to your marketing metrics. For your business to be successful in social media, it needs to entertain, inspire and educate.

mindcopy6.pngIf you want to avoid lots of cost in Pay-Per-Click advertising, then you need engagement. Meeting that requires a brand personality. So how do you get it? Traditional media relies on creating a compelling headline. Advertising copywriters have for decades been relevant to maximise this investment.

Think about the customer experience your website is delivering. How does your client benefit? Smart marketing is making sure you provide value while helping the customer navigate the sales funnel.

Nearly 70% of marketers in APAC say that growing their SEO/organic presence was the most important marketing tactic last year -- which means growing traffic is top-of-mind.


Is your business advertising and marketing better than the average business? Would you read your content? Is your inbound marketing attractive? Would you like to know more about inbound marketing?

Are you taking your brand marketing seriously? One of the great benefits of inbound marketing is that your customers can discover you 24/7 on the Internet. Are you investing in your brand enough to ensure there is plenty of compelling content to explore?

Show off what you know and entertain whilst providing knowledge.

To be attractive and entertaining, mainly using social media, you may have to loosen up.

One of the great benefits of outsourcing marketing to The Kingdom is that we have years of experience discovering what makes your brand engaging.

Combine this with the automated marketing powers of HubSpot, and you can maximise your marketing investment with minimal stress. What does HubSpot do? Find out. The Kingdom helps you get the most from the first minute you log in to the HubSpot app.

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