Why did Home Depot send 40 Employees to a Content Marketing Conference?

Why did Home Depot sent 40 of their staff to Content Marketing World? That is a remarkable investment in staff development. 

Social media expert Zaahn Johnson and CEO Adam Steinhardt discuss this compelling investment in inbound marketing and content selling skills.

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Giving Their Employees Knowledge is Powerful

Knowledge is king. Inspiring conferences are a great opportunity to train, inspire and motivate employees.


Content Marketing is the Future

Home Depot acknowledges that content marketing is their future. For content marketing to be done properly, an organisation must already have clear brand values and desire to assist their customers. Home Depot is aware they need to create content of value that is both engaging and builds trust. 

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interaction with the enterprise without interacting with a human.   [Source: Gartner]

Traditional Media Just Doesn’t Work Like it Used to

Millennials have minimal interest in traditional forms of media. These methods have lost traction in the digital age. These older methods such a TV are difficult metrics to gauge. Digital marketing analytics have proven to be far more accurate. Home Depot will use their traditional advertising to compliment their digital content.

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Creating Content is Investing in an Evergreen Asset

As an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Diamond Partner, we know that creating content is creating an asset for your business. Creating engaging and helpful digital content with an infinite life span is a priceless investment. This type of content can repeatedly be shared through social media channels. More content also means you have an increased chance at being found organically on Google. The more content that you create, the greater the ability for white hat SEO discovery.


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