How Inbound Marketing Can Help You

Attract. Engage. Delight.

But how does the inbound marketing methodology actually work?

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Too often, we try to make sales before a customer is ready for our sales pitch. 

Traditional advertising such as television, radio, and print, tends to try selling something even if the vast majority of consumers aren't ready to buy. This is an ineffective practice for business, as there is a lot of wastage.

With the inbound methodology, the focus instead turns onto a series of steps, each helping to guide the customer down the sales funnel and into a purchase.

So How Might This Look for Your Business?


The first stage is to attract customers to your business' website.

We do this by blogging along with other forms of content marketing - focussing on search engine keywords that are appropriate for your business to improve your organic reach.

We use the inbound methodology to attract customers to your website using three key tools.

1. We focus on the blog, keywords, and social media. Keywords are strategically created, so your organic search engine ranking is improved.

2. We use blogs to educate and inform your target audience.

3. Social media is used to fuel the fire of your content. Facebook pages for business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus marketing all play a big roll. 

By using the inbound methodology, we can get your target audience to not only see you and understand you - but also to seek out and engage with you.


Once your target audience is drawn in through attraction - through reading your blog, finding you on search engines or seeing you in social media - they become visitors. At this point in time, you have the chance to convert them into leads.

This is done through strategic calls to action that lead to landing pages. On these landing pages you'll provide an educational, valuable offer where the customer can fill out a form - giving them access to the information you have created. Once the customer engages with the call to action, they become a lead.

We then move to using lead nurturing tactics such as email, with the Sidekick application. This allows us to work with the future customer, helping them with any questions about your product or service. From here we close the customer deal.


The delight stage is when those leads have become customers. In this stage, we continue to give the consumer value through informative, attractive content and exemplary customer service.
We want to provide exceptional service and ongoing information, so these customers become promoters to others and become repeat buyers. 


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