Why Modern Marketing is Dominated By Information Technology

When you step back to look at today's marketing world, it's important to recognise that marketing is now completely taken over by information technology (I.T.). Thanks to the evolution of smartphones and the Internet, it means that people have access to your business and its messages at their fingertips.

Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson discuss how marketing and I.T. have combined, and what that means for your business. Advances in I.T. means that anyone can publish content, to anyone, in virtually any place.

Technology allows your message to garner more reach and you to gain direct access to your audience (through things like social media for business). And once you've captured your audience's attention, they need to be directed somewhere - to your website.


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Websites are incredibly important for a business, as they are the place where you can bring all your digital assets together. Your website needs to constantly change to optimise the power of SEO to bring people in, and to deliver value by answering their questions. This is where marketing and I.T. need to work together. Below are a few ways you can easily combine marketing and I.T. to advance your business. 

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Growth Driven Design (GDD)

It's important to understand that static websites won't last, and this is where GDD comes into play. GDD is all about learning, reworking, learning, reworking, learning, reworking.... so you can stay on trend in the digital world. You can download the free GDD ebook here.


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Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is cloud-based software that is used for marketing (and many other functions). SaaS allows you to get your jobs done faster, which then allows more time for you to develop creative content marketing.


Integrations add many different functions together (such as accounting, marketing, sales, social media etc.) to save you time. This in turn increases your productivity and therefore allows marketing and sales to move faster.

Technology is changing everyday, and we need to keep up-to-date if we want to keep up with consumers. Podcasts are a great way to learn about new trends and to keep updating your marketing strategy and digital marketing knowledge. We recommend the following podcasts: 


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HubSpot feature of the day - Integrations

HubSpot has a huge number of integrations designed to make your life easier. As mentioned, integrations increase your productivity which makes them incredibly worthwhile. They also allow you to keep up with the latest in technology. Now with HubSpot Free you can see what all these integrations are about, and how they can help your business.

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