An Introduction To Branding And Websites 

Are you looking for help with branding and website building? This introduction to the key requirements of brand and website will help you begin the process of kick starting your business.

A good brand will be clear and easy to understand.

The logo should be reproducible in many different formats.

It should have a distinctive font and look and feel.

Good brands use typefaces that are not easily replicated by other businesses.

This is an excellent way to control the look and feel of their brand.

Your logo should be simple to make them memorable. Owning a consistent colour is critical. Building a brand takes time, but creates valuable goodwill. A great brand will represent value in the consumers mind.

Brand colours are critical. You seek to own a colour in the mind of the consumer.

As such in creating a logo reducing the number of colours makes for greater clarity.

The brand mark is the symbol that allows consumers to identify the company.

What makes a good brand?

Memorable, simple, easy to understand and applicable across all mediums.

What is the best way to build a website?

Building a powerful inbound lead generating website is a challenging experience. Website creation is a combination of technology, entrepreneurship and creative design.

The primary goal of a website is to get sales and leads. Remember this always in the design and planning process.

Take your future customers on a journey that provides them with information. Prospects use your site to gain trust before they want to speak with you.

People want to do research on the internet before they engage with your business.

It is important to place emphasis on this strategy first and foremost.

Once you have the critical website information, work quickly to produce a minimum viable product.

The minimum viable product should include the pages that have the key information about your business.

These pages should include the price of what you sell. What you do. How you help the customer and what makes your product beneficial to them. Team pages are critical as people like to do business with people.

This is a difficult mix to manage.

A modern website is a vital tool that should be added to daily and is an asset that grows with your business.

So, how can you avoid the heartache that traditionally comes with website design? Why are websites always over budget, over time and just a disaster? Start by accepting the fact that building a website the way it has always been done not work.

But what is that old way?

Most web builds start by guessing all the content needed and got the designers to do fancy boards. It's then usually followed by the creation of a large project management Gantt chart, all planned out, making assumptions, guessing and blowing tonnes of hours. Sound familiar? Website building need not, and should not, be like that.

With mobile phones it is now important that your website is responsive as the vast majority of people are looking at websites on mobile phones.

As such it is recommended that minimum attention to graphics is considered that we recommend a clean look that allows for mobile functionality first and foremost.

Enhancement of your information with graphics is needed, but we firmly recommend building your website around strategy first, and graphic look, second.

It's critical to pick a platform to build your website that is friendly so you can change your site.

A modern day website has pages added to it on a daily basis, and you need to be able to act fast to bring that content to market

As many such people choose the open source platform WordPress.

Be wary of WordPress as there are many hidden costs and nobody owns the platform so you have limited recourse when something goes wrong.

Business needs a web management system that provides stability, flexibility and importantly the analytics to measure real return on investment.

Website building can be tough and typically requires a combination of IT skills and business strategy with contribution from user interface designers.

When The Kingdom is creating a website, we seek to identify answer to your customer's questions

HubSpot is powerful yet easy to operate automated sales and marketing platform that includes an easy to use website platform along with significant training and a formal accreditation process for developers.

HubSpot has a consistent interface blog, website, pages, email, forms landing pages and call to actions. The entire platform operates in the same, unified way.

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