5 Reasons Why Great Inbound Marketing Needs a New Web Page Every Day

To improve your Google organic search your business should be creating a new web page every day.


We discuss the five reasons why you should create a new web page every day for inbound marketing effectiveness. Creating content on a daily basis is a great way to improve your organic SEO. Everybody wants to be in the top 10 for Google, but it takes work. So, how do you give yourself a boost? 

As a provider of inbound marketing services, we seek to create as much helpful content for your customer as possible. But, there are other reasons. Find out what they are in this helpful video. 

Why not check out The Beginners Guide To Inbound Marketing to learn more about how a strong content marketing strategy, paired with automated marketing software such as HubSpot, can make a big difference.

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Adam Steinhardt The Kingdom Chief Executive Officer. After 14 years as a pole vaulter, representing Australia, Adam was the founder and Managing Director of Next Byte - Australia's largest Apple Reseller back in 1995. After ten years in the business, he sold out and in 2009 founded The Kingdom. As CEO, he is the head of the HubSpot Inbound strategy, creative direction, account management and making sure that your business profits by using our services. Adam is Inbound, HubSpot and Partner Certified by HubSpot. In September 2015 The Kingdom was presented the HubSpot International Partner of the Year award, and International Rookie of the Year Award. You can find Adam Steinhardt on Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn this website

Speak to The Kingdom, and discover how our Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation techniques help Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide businesses to grow sales fast using the HubSpot Sales and Marketing platform. We are Australia's leading Inbound Marketing Agency and the Hubspot International Partner of the Year 2015.

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