The Sales Funnel Explained: TOFU, MOFU, BOFU


There are plenty of graphic ways to show the sales process, but most of the time a funnel of some sort is involved. The Kingdom's Grow Sales Fast Business System uses no less than four funnels to demonstrate various sales methods.

The Sales Funnel: Explained

A favourite of inbound marketing is TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. Sounds a bit crazy right, but it makes sense.

TOFU = Top of Funnel

MOFU = Middle of Funnel

BOFU = Bottom of Funnel

There has been a robust discussion amongst our HubSpot certified team here at The Kingdom, that is should be TOF, MOF and BOF, but who are we to argue with marketing acronyms.

So What Is TOFU?

The Top of the Sales Funnel is about introducing your company to the customer; it is all about how you help the buyer.

What problems do you solve? What answers can you give them? TOFU needs to engage them on a personal level, helping them understand more about the solution that you can provide to their challenges. Your goal is to educate your customer.

TOFU content isn't there to press for a close or a deal. This is all about education.

Your goal is to get them to convert with information you are offering. This might take the form of an eBook, or white paper, tip sheet.

The types of communication for TOFU include information about your company, what you do, and how you can help people.

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MOFU Is Not a Dirty Word

The Middle of the Sales Funnel is where you begin to show your prospect why you might be the choice for them. You start to position the solution that your company offers as the best choice for the challenges that the prospect has. Case studies, testimonials, videos, interviews, webinars, demonstrations are all MOFU activities.

At this stage, you are pointing out why you are better than the opposition.

MOFU can discuss comparisons and reviews, helping with questions relating to timelines and potential issues held by your consumers. 


BOFU Time Is the Business End of the Funnel

The Bottom of the Sales Funnel deals with pricing specific questions and how the deal might look. It can be related to trials, demo software, as well as information that assists with decision-making processes.

This is where you fully qualify your leads with the view to be closing and delighting them shortly.

So, what's the best way to create content? It can seem a bit confusing. We find that by creating a goal at the start of your content, you are better able to angle the content to one of the three stages of the sales funnel.

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You need to know where your content is being targeted. If you as the author can't work it out, then the reader is going to struggle. Time for a re-work.

Loving TOFU, MOFU and BOFU will have your prospects turning into customers in no time.

This is inbound methodology at its best. Providing the information for your client at all stages so they progress through the sales funnel.

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