Quality vs. Quantity - 5 Ways to Improve Lead Generation On Your Website

Firstly, let's quell the notion that this is a debate. Setting up your inbound methodology to attract quality leads is the way to go.

‘Casting the net wide’ is a way to generate leads. However, how much effort do you have to spend qualifying these random leads? You’d be lucky to get a handful of conversions into customers, and it’s likely these successes were looking for your products or services in the first place.

So why should you target leads more selectively? Targeting the right leads may reduce your overall reach as a whole, but it will reduce the cost of bringing your target audience to your website.

Follow these 5 steps to improve the quality of your inbound marketing lead generation, and you’ll start to see an improved return on investment for your marketing efforts:

1. Align the of goals of your marketing and sales teams

It sounds simple, but organisations often operate each team in a silo. It is a marketer’s job to funnel leads into the business for the sales team to follow up. The problem is, though, marketers tend to want to attract as many leads as they possibly can. After all, the quantity of visitors to the site looks good. However, this is troublesome for sales, who like leads that they can have a good chance of closing.

Aligning the two teams so that their goals are mutual will enable a greater understanding of what kind of leads you are looking for as a business.

Try having these teams work together. You will channel your marketing efforts towards attracting the sorts of leads your sales team know they can generate business from.

2. Target the right audience

Lead Generation

You should already have a fair idea of who your target audience. If not, review past transactions and who your products and services are designed for. Then, create your buyer personas to summarise your typical consumers.

Find out which media platforms these people are on and the groups they are part of. An example of this is LinkedIn groups.

3. Tailor your content

Now that you know where your target market is, you need to create content that actually interests them.

A generic email isn’t enough.

Because you’re speaking to your specific target market, you need to understand what they are talking about.

Check out what trends are engaging for your target market. See what the most popular video on YouTube is about your topic and see what sorts of content is generating the most interest for your target market.

4. Add value for your leads

In order to create relationships, your offerings need to add value to consumers and leads. Review and update old content to keep engaging with your target consumers and ensure that you stay top of mind. This will lead to consumers initiating with your brand rather than your brand being a disruptor for your consumers.

Lead Generation

5. Be patient

A lead generating website take time to work!

Getting the correct data will take time, so don’t expect the magic to happen straight away. Trust the process you have in place and over time watch the benefits come in.

It’s better to catch a few salmon rather than a school of carp. Would you like to learn more about how to create a super effective website? If so, we have a number of resources that can help you. Why not check them out?

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