5 Key Components of a Remarkable Inbound Lead Generating Website

Do you feel as though your website could be generating more sales leads? Do you struggle to get the leads your business needs from your website? Does your website feel tired and uninspiring?

The ability to generate leads online is a critical tool. Without it, your business is heading for significant challenges. The vast majority of customers are using online search as their first, and sometimes only, method of purchase.

You must have an outstanding mobile website that can engage and capture leads to gain competitive advantage.

As an inbound marketing agency, we work with the powerful HubSpot sales and marketing software to create websites that generate inbound leads for our customers. As digital marketing consultants, we have learned many tricks and tips to improve how your website performs for you.

Here are some key components of a lead generating website, and how they can help you to attract, convert and close your viewers.

Lead Generation

1. Keywords and SEO

To increase your digital marketing performance, you need new traffic and online lead generation. But how will a new potential prospect find your website if they don’t already know where to go? This is where careful attention to ranking long tail keywords and SEO come into action.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it has everything to do with your keywords and your content. You need to make sure your page is found by modern search engines, like Google and Bing so that people can find your website.

Think for a moment, “What does my customer search for?” and create content around that.

We recommend using a fantastic research tool, called Answer the Public. With Answer the Public you can find specifically what your customers are searching for and create content to answer them.

In creating the content, make sure to include hot keywords. For example, if your company sells unicycles and you are answering the question ‘where to buy a unicycle in London’, you should be targeting the keywords ‘unicycle’, ‘where to buy’ and ‘London unicycle’.

That means you should include these words in your content, in your web page meta description and the alternative text of your images. By doing so, you are actively telling search engines that your page is about ‘unicycles’, ‘unicycles in London ‘and ‘where to buy unicycles.’


Lead Generation

2. Conversion Opportunities

A well-designed website should be actively encouraging the customer to click a Call-To-Action. Providing helpful information that helps your prospects trust you is crucial and provides a good reason for them to visit your website.

An excellent example of this is a blog; a blog can evolve over time to become a wealth of knowledge and source of high-quality information surrounding a particular topic. If the blog targets a defined persona, the right leads are attracted to your website.

By using gated content, you can harvest information from your prospects so you can nurture leads in the future.

By blogging with the goal of being particularly useful to your consumers, they will become interested in learning more. The viewer could be given the option to fill out a form to sign up for an eBook that can help them further learn about the particular topic.

Prospects give you their name and email address, they get a piece of content that provides value to them - it’s a win-win.

A website that is good at generating leads has a philosophy of user first. If you focus on helping the customer, they will be given a reason to trust you and connect with you. While it might not be a fast process, with persistence and dedication your goal should be to become the go-to information resource for your industry.


3. Customer Needs and Focus

Your prospects' needs must always be the focus. By answering your current customers and possible prospects questions, you can create content specific to the buyer’s journey.

The digital marketing world is taking over. Customers go to Google as their first choice to find answers. It's important that you are providing the solutions for Google to provide them to its customers. If you don't provide the answers to the questions Google wants answers for, then your opposition will.

Content must be focussed on your customer’s needs, not on yourself. By showing them the information they are after, you can build trust and nurture towards creating a new lead.

Web Responsiveness

4. User Experience

A really important strategy to remember when creating a strong lead generating website is how you can improve your website’s User Experience. This means how to attract and retain customers whilst engaging them with a useful interactive experience.

Think about what users want to do and help them complete those tasks in the easiest and most intuitive way possible. UX needs to make sure that users' needs are always met.

Important elements required which add to the benefit of the user include using unique content, fast page loading, whitespace, attractive Calls-To-Action (CTA), hyperlinks, bullet points, using strong imagery, include well-designed and written headings and creating a responsive & mobile-friendly site.

Remember these tips when it’s time to revamp your website and create a customer focussed sales tool.

Inbound Marketing

5. Responsiveness

Responsiveness is a fundamental must-have requirement in a modern website. In fact, it's a foregone assumption that any website worth it’s salt is built with responsiveness in mind first - sometimes known as “mobile first”.

The simple reason for this is that more users are consuming digital content on their mobile devices every day. As a result, your website has to cater to this, it has to be flexible enough to be easily navigable and pleasing to the eye on any device size.

If your website isn’t responsive, it can mean that the vast number of visitors who are attempting to view your content on their mobile device will hit a brick wall, impacting online lead generation for your business.

Luckily for you, responsiveness is near and dear to HubSpot’s heart, and they’ve helped make it easier than ever to deliver a responsive website with their amazing sales and marketing software.

Content MarketingYour website has a huge influence over your digital marketing effectiveness. By giving your viewers the information that they want in a visually appealing and easy to navigate setting, you can build a strong relationship with them. This paired with the use of value-added offerings like eBooks or free templates, you can capture more leads than ever before.

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