Your Guide To Building A Great Website

Building a Website is a complex and intense task. We help you to understand how to get it right.

Welcome to The Kingdom's website process. 

Producing an effective website, with fantastic engaging content is a great way to grow sales fast in your business. 

As an inbound marketing agency, It's our goal to drive fast sales growth for your business by implementing effective digital and inbound content marketing solutions. 

There are many considerations that must be taken into account that are not obvious at first glance. A website is a computer program, and as such, presents substantial challenges and talents to build it. 

Website development requires the following skills:

  • Creative
  • Design Skills
  • Computer analysts
  • Programmers
  • Interface design
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Graphic assets such as videos and photographs
  • Business management
  • Pixel tracking
  • Google Keyword management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • content marketing goal
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Nurturing & Editorial Goals
  • Project management

The Kingdom has all of these skills to make you an amazing website. A website that is effective, and increases sales for your business. We build in the HubSpot Content Optimisation System. We are HubSpot Diamond Partners and provide high levels of HubSpot training for your business.

Building a website will challenge your organisation.

There are many items and decisions that are required from your organisation. Often, it is hard to understand the technologies behind all the questions, which makes it more difficult. We work hard to help you understand the process as best as possible.

We work with the HubSpot sales and marketing platform.  

"HubSpot offers some incredible analytics and gives great purpose behind your website. Since implementing it, we have had a 400% increase in website traffic, and loads of leads" - Adam Steinhardt - CEO.

Imagine being able to see who clicks on your website pages, find out when people are viewing your content, all in real time. Discover the power of inbound marketing today, and begin your journey toward excellence.  


Can a builder build a house without a plan first?

Think of it like designing a house with an architect. Once we have drawn up the plans and begin building the house, any changes are very costly. It’s critical that we get the input of the major players in your organisation right from the first day. 

Much like the building of a house, it is impossible to quote a website until we understand what type of website you want. Just like an architect, we must go through a full investigation of your wishes first before we can offer a price on what to make. 


Are you and your company really ready to build a website?

If you are, then we offer some tools for helping. The Kingdom has a 50 page questionaire especially designed to assist you with the pre-preparation building process. It is a worthy process and a required investment of your time. 


We now take it even further with the Growth Driven Design web design process that is the best modern day method to building a website. Your website is the key to having social media experts drive your social marketing.

If you are not prepared to invest in the planning time, the building of your website will be a nightmare.

A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

If you want to read up on what goes into a successful website, we strongly suggest downloading our "25 Must Haves for Driving Traffic Leads and Sales" E-Book.

We build your digital marketing ecosystem using HubSpot. Find out what HubSpot is and how it works. If you need help in understanding how much HubSpot costs. The Kingdom can help.

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