High Performance Website Assessment

Introducing The Kingdom High-Performance Digital Marketing Assessment.

As a special introductory offer, get The Kingdom High-Performance Digital Marketing Assessment free. Just ten fast-acting companies can get in quick and save $249.

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Find out if your website is a lead generating machine.

Over a two week period, we will use the power of our digital tracking tools to provide you with a comprehensive report on the performance of your website and social media.

As inbound marketing specialists, we deploy a range of different analytic web tools as part of our onboarding process {subscribed to at over $1000 a month), plus the super powerful HubSpot automated sales and marketing software. With a sudden flash of innovation, we have combined them all to make a comprehensive website and digital marketing audit for your business. 

As a bonus, we are including an hour long strategy meeting with our inbound marketing experts to give you advice on how to turn your website and social platforms into a lead generating machine.

The $249 report is free for the first ten customers

The Kingdom High-Performance Digital Assessment includes:

  • The investigation of the source of your website traffic. We get daily stats for 14 days and break your traffic sources into organic, social, email, referrals, and paid.
  • We assess the impact of your social media channels. We check the performance of your social media pages and help you understand the power of a strong social media strategy.
  • Using powerful analytics tools, we discover your top 500 keywords and see how Google is ranking you.
  • We show where your keywords rank in the Top 3 and Top 10, plus how many organic clicks your website is creating.
  • The report will guide you to the best keywords to focus on to grow your organic SEO.
  • Using powerful analytics, we find the good, the bad and the ugly in your website.
  • A 100 point check and a comprehensive report grading your website setup.
  • Ranking of your website against your top 5 competitors to see how you are stacking up. 
  • Our digital investigation tools give you insights into your competitors.
  • We find out their successful keywords and social media strategies for you.

At the end of the two weeks period, we meet with you and present our recommendations.

Our qualified inbound marketing experts will give you strategic advice based on your results.

We assess how well your social and website is set up for lead generation and traffic-driving awesomeness.

To launch The Kingdom High-Performance Website Assessment, we have just ten free reports available to suitable companies. If you would like to be considered, simply click below to register your application. 

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