Understanding Perfect Audience and HubSpot

Perfect Audience

What it is: Automated Paid Advertising Remarketing

Why: To allow easy paid advertising to the web, Facebook and Twitter based on specific audiences determined by Page hits.

When: This can be used once HubSpot Website migration is complete. 

Perfect Audience - Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that lets marketers effortlessly bring back lost web visitors with Facebook ads on Facebook, banner ads across the web, and ads on Twitter. Perfect Audience helps great companies get more sales and conversions by using their audience data to target ads with pinpoint precision.

Perfect Audience bills every Monday for what you spent in the previous 7 days. Campaigns are pre-paid, so when you first create a campaign, you will be billed once for the weekly budget. Each Monday after that, you are just billed for exactly what you spend. In essence, you are "refilling" the budget each week.

Example: If you create a campaign with a $100 weekly budget, you'll be charged $100. If you spend $65 of the budget that week, you'll be billed just $65 on Monday when the campaign budget refills. If you spent just $20 of the budget, you'll be billed just $20 when the budget refills on Monday.

The Kingdom are Perfect Audience Partners. We are able to assist you with integrating HubSpot with Perfect Audience. Contact us today for a free 15 minute screen sharing demo.

If you have complex IT challenges in integrating HubSpot with your digital ecosystem, then we can assist. We have extensive experience programming the HubSpot API. With the essential tools that link HubSpot to third-party applications like ERP systems and other CRM software.