5 Tools Everyone In The Marketing Industry Should Be Using

Being in business means being busy. There’s not enough time in the day to do everything - so how can you cope?

The answer isn’t curling up into a ball, throwing the covers over your head and hoping everything will sort itself out - the answer is working smarter, not harder.

A savvy marketer won’t shy away from the challenges of the tasks at hand - instead, they’ll utilise innovation to speed up their processes.

Sounds like a good idea, right?

Here are 5 tools that you can use to improve the efficiency of your marketing tasks.



If you haven’t heard of this one, I strongly recommend a quick Google.

We all know that a graphic in a blog post, site page or social media post increases the engagement and click rate. But, when it takes you about a year to make the damn thing in Photoshop, what’s the point?

Canva is a cloud-based tool that allows you to quickly and easily make incredible graphics.

And, if you’re particularly challenged in the graphic design department, it has templates that you can use. Perfect!

Visit canva.com to get started with a free 30 day trial. It's good fun if nothing else.


LinkedIn Pulse

If you’re keen to get blogging but don’t want the hassle of setting up your own blogging site, why not give LinkedIn Pulse a go?

LinkedIn Pulse is completely free and comes along with your LinkedIn profile.

Simply click “publish a post” on your LinkedIn home screen, and off you go.  




It is astounding how many marketers in Australia overlook Twitter as a viable source of promotion and web traffic. Most people have tried it, but far less have stuck with it. Here at The Kingdom, we Tweet upwards of 60 times a day and it is a sensational source of lead generation.

Twitter is huge, and it has the power to drive incredible amounts of traffic.

You can attach images and links to your relevant content, encouraging people to visit your website and learn a little more about you.

More than that, using relevant hashtags is actually a pretty great way of targeting your audience. You can get as specific as you like, or even create your own hashtag that’s relevant to your business.


Google Analytics

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool - so how do you get it performing optimally?

Google Analytics gives you the information you need to figure out what's hot on your website, and what's not. 

With this tool under your business belt, you can shine a light on your web traffic, where your visitors come from, AND what they do when they get to your site.

The HubSpot State of Inbound report in 2015 discovered that Marketers in APAC who measured marketing analytics 2+ times per week were twice as likely to achieve greater ROI.

Armed with this essential info, you can start tweaking your content to be more aligned with what your customers are wanting to see, making for a more valuable customer experience.


A Killer Automated Marketing System

We all have aspirations to build the success of the businesses we work in, but one thing’s for sure - success won’t lessen your workload. So how do you keep up?

All over the US, Europe and now in Australia, people are turning to Automated Marketing Systems to help lighten their load.

An automated marketing system allows you to host and manage your blogs, website, landing pages, social media...everything content related.

By 2020 it's estimated that customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human (Gartner Research). This means lots of marketing and even more content, so the need for automation is significant.

How do you know if you need automated marketing? Find out.

At The Kingdom, we use HubSpot and it makes our marketing efforts a streamlined dream. HubSpot is huge all over the globe and especially in the US. If you would like to discover what a year with HubSpot looks like, read our case study.

What does HubSpot do? Find out. The Kingdom helps you get the most from the first minute you log into the HubSpot app.

The Kingdom helps businesses build powerful digital marketing tools to get value and growth from their HubSpot investment. Login to the HubSpot CRM then speak to The Kingdom team today.


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