Ten Ways Automated Marketing Software Blows Your Mind

Automated software is the next big thing. For good reason. With the fragmentation of channels and the digital marketing explosion there is just so much to do. Fortunately, there is a new wave of software that makes it much easier. HubSpot is one such platform.

The HubSpot automated marketing platform is a big powerful cloud software tool that performs remarkably time-saving actions.

We pick ten favourite features that marketing managers and business owners will die for.

1. The ability to see who clicks on your website and what pages. 

If you have the email address of your prospect in your HubSpot database, then you can see the web pages that the prospect has viewed. HubSpot logs all page-viewing activity.
This is a remarkable aid to your sales and marketing efforts. Clear visibility provides fantastic feedback on your website and outstanding sales lead data.

2. Knowing the last date prospects clicked on your website.

HubSpot tracks the last time that a contact was on your website. You can make automated lists of the most recent contacts visiting your site. Target specific lead nurturing campaigns to this list, providing consistent information to your prospect.

3. Seeing the sources of your website clicks.

Google Analytics does provide you source information, but many people find this Google Analytics confusing and hard to use. HubSpot makes it simple and fun to see your sources of traffic. The HubSpot Sources app on mobile, and desktop shows you a daily live breakdown of where the sources of your web clicks. This gives you instant feedback on the success of your marketing activities.

4. Reports that proves social media does work.

Does social media marketing work? It's a question asked all the time. It does. HubSpot proves it. Better still HubSpot shows you which social source is creating the traffic and getting your deals. HubSpot remembers the original social media source of the lead even if you close the sale months later. This gives you social media ROI reports and stats that make sense and supports the correct investment in social activity. It was through this tool we discovered the real power of Google +. Google+ drives lots of traffic. Surprising but really valuable.

5. Automated sending of emails based on conditions.

HubSpot can automatically send personalised emails to defined lists. Trigger your email based on properties such as last page viewed, last date on the site, page count viewed, etc. pretty much any event you can think of. It's a fabulous tool to lead nurture and drip feed your prospects information. This keeps your business top of mind and helps your prospect to build trust and come to a decision.

6. Automated SMS/email notifications when your prospect views your pricing page.

Imagine being out on the road and getting an email with the phone number of the prospect that just looked at your pricing web page? It's a salesperson's dream. With HubSpot, you can automatically send an SMS or email to your sales team with all the information of the visiting lead. Make the call, win the deal - brilliant.

7. Personalised web pages to match your customers needs.

HubSpot gives you the power to personalise your website pages. Business is about people. Personalised content increases engagement with your prospect. But it can get much better than just saying hi to Peter. With HubSpot, You can do a full customisation based on previous products purchased, language, and buying patterns can win you deals.

8. Built in Blog Page SEO analysis.

As you are writing blogs? Are you hoping to get found by search engines? When writing a blog, HubSpot is constantly analysing the copy for the impact on SEO. HubSpot recommends and suggests ways to improve the search engine exposure of your blog. It's a powerful tool and simple to use

9. Super automated landing pages.

Are you looking to engage your customers with a landing page? HubSpot is a powerhouse at this process. You create the page, create the call to action, add a form, and then automate the sending of an email. You can even automate sending the webinar details if your prospect is signing up for a webinar. Track this activity with easy-to-read campaign analytics.

10. Automatic email follows up from list generation.

Seminars are a powerful way of gaining interest. Imagine being able to take a list of attendees then automatically follow them up with a series of emails. HubSpot can build the lists then send the emails. Would you like to see more? Sign on for a personalised webinar or one on one meeting today. The Kingdom is Australia's leading HubSpot Certified Partner, and inbound marketing experts.