Six Incentives to Motivate Your Team with Impromptu Training Sessions


When was the last time that you presented your hard earned knowledge to your team?

Typically, the owner/founder of the business has significant proprietary knowledge about all areas of business. As the years have gone by, the owner typically has evolved the business, so this knowledge transfer is critical.

Let's take a look at six reasons why you should run an impromptu team training session.

1. Put a halt to boring

A sudden training break breaks up the normal working day.
Be different, make a change.
Change stimulates growth, and changing the daily routine is a good thing. Keep your workplace on it's toes with the unusual.

2. Training sessions flush out the issues

You'll be surprised by what you learn when you run a session. Quick training sessions flush out the attitudes of your team. It's like a barometer for positive and negative energy in your organisation. Training sessions are like early warning signals for employee discontent, plus, they give you the chance to nip issues in the bud.

3. Fix the small stuff that is annoying

Ever been frustrated by the actions of a single employee, but find the issue too small to make a big HR deal out of it?
Training provides positive forum to fix those employee niggles that irritate you.
The bonus is the fix gets done while keeping morale high.

4. Renovate your procedures

Training sessions are a great way to learn from the good, the bad and the ugly. Why not take your most recent customer complaint or compliment and dissect it? Discover what made it so and incorporate the teachings into your employee handbook.

5. Use the power of the group to solve challenges

Team training sessions bring people together and have them collaborating.
Take the tough challenges and let the team go to work on them.
Chances are your challenges will be further advanced towards an effective solution after the team has attacked it.

6. You get to practice for your next keynote

The more training sessions you run, the better prepared you will be for the next big presentation you really have to nail. More time spent in front of the audience presenting gives you the chance to work to refine your high powered presenter mode. Remember, practice makes perfect. Your forgiving team members are a great place to start.

Super tips for an awesome session.

Try holding it in an unusual location

Everyone loves an excursion. Try the pub, the cake shop, the park, a different room - have fun with the location!
A Change up can invigorate the mood and stimulate free thought.

Take a record of all of the questions

Appoint a scribe and take note of the great ideas that come out of the training session.
Groups have the ability to flush out lots of customer-centric information.
I bet there are some fantastic answers that will make great web pages to help educate your customers from your session.

Pair people up

It's more fun to work in teams and people are more inclined to enjoy the task at hand. When working in pairs, there is a reduced fear of failure, which makes for more robust discussion.

Get out the marker pens

Fire up some A3 sheets of paper and some marker pens and add a craft aspect to the conversation. In our experience, bad drawing is amusing - and good drawing is surprising. Either way, it adds interest and intrigue to your training session.

Don't forget your website

Studies show that up 70% of research about a company is done online before contact is made with a salesperson.
Take the lessons from your staff training and put them on your website. Create blogs, emails, posts and tweets. Chances are if your staff have questions, so will your customers.

Would you like to do staff training
but don't know where to start?

The Kingdom has a range of high-quality presenters that can come and give your team members a rev. We speak about sales, marketing, social media, motivation, tech high-performance sport and all things inbound.
At The Kingdom we practice what we preach. We learned these tips after running hundreds of training sessions. 
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