Why is a celebrity about to spend $1.8 million on social media experts?


There are two things wrong with this headline. Actually 3, if we throw in the complete jealousy I have for the person being able to have $1.8 million to spend in the first place.

For starters though, paying a team of social experts to follow you around to take photos and create clever captions is NOT the best way of growing your business, and secondly you don’t need to spend that much.

It’s a social war amongst the Kardashians.

I know we spoke about Kim last week, but it appears Kendall has got her knickers in a knot for it and is now trying to outdo Kim. Kendall (her younger sister) just broke the record for the most likes on a picture on Instagram, Kim previously held the title for her wedding picture with Kanye West.

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She is now on a mission to become the most popular celebrity on social media and has hired a team of 10 social media experts to generate her more likes, which is fantastic and a great way to be world famous.

But as I mentioned last week, you need to be turning those likes and followers into customers.

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The Kardashians and Jenners are a strong and world famous brand with millions and millions of fans on social media, but Kendall, the one about to spend $1.8 million on social media experts, doesn’t even have a link to her personal/business website on her accounts.

Now, Kendall, I’m going to give you this tip for free.

Always link your fans back to your site

I need to wash my mouth out, but imagine if Twitter and Instagram shut down tomorrow? I know I know, it would be a disaster and we’d have to find something else to do with our hands all day.



But you see what I’m saying yeah? last week's blog details how to turn fans into customers and there are plenty of products you could be selling them, don’t assume that they know where to find your book or specialized range and don’t forget the importance of building a database.


Now, back to the budget of $1.8 million. Here at The Kingdom we are Hubspot Certified and the software that we provide could take your empire to the next level for an eighth of the price that you are paying social media experts to increase your followers.

With online marketing you don’t need to throw all your cash at it, you just need to work out your goals and what you hope to achieve. I think it’s safe to say that majority of businesses want to make money? 

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate, some businesses are finding it hard to keep up and that’s one of the most common problems our customers have. They can’t keep up with social media, email marketing and maintaining their website.

You need to realise that it’s not your lack of ability or understanding, it’s the technology evolution.

Online marketing is the future whether you’re ready for it or not, you wouldn’t attempt to build a house by yourself would you?

Well, online marketing can be just as hard and that’s why you have builders to build houses and experts from The Kingdom to run online marketing and content for you.