How to Turn Followers into Customers with Mel Greig


Followers can be worth cash, big money, but only if you do it right. For example; ex Reality TV stars from shows such as Big Brother have from 100-300k followers on Instagram and they feel famous with their followers; they are sent on free holidays and are sent free products to post about. 

Free holidays and Free products doesn’t make you money, in fact, it can often do the opposite if spending money is not provided (which is most cases it’s not). 

For this type of Instagram user, it’s all about trying to maintain the fame through appearing famous and busy, through their social media accounts. 

The links on their accounts are to management pages of who to contact to supply them with more FREE product to promote. With this structure, these followers are worth NOTHING. This is not the right way of utilising social media followers, and if the account is shut down the celebrity has no database, the management company do though.

Let’s cross over to ‘Hot Body’ accounts, for example, you have Kayla Itsines, who has over 3 million followers on Instagram. 

kaylaKayla is a young girl from Adelaide who started posting photos on Instagram of her fit and toned body. Kayla started getting a lot of followers, people were inspired and wanted to look like Kayla.


Turning Followers into customers

At this point, Kayla could keep posting hot photos OR she could think about how she can turn 3 million followers into 3 million customers and she did just that.

Kayla built an empire. She started by building a website and making sure her followers were clicking onto her website to learn more.

Kayla created a training program that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, she turned her followers into customers.

Instagram for Kayla is now a free platform for her to advertise her business - this is how you do it right.

It’s all about getting people back to your website to generate business. Social media should be used as a tool to promote your business to lure them in for more. You don’t need 100k followers to make money, you just need to do it right with what you have. 

Link back to your website

Your company should have an Instagram account as one of many social media platforms and it should always be linking back to your website, there is money to be made you just need to learn how.