Why You Should be Rescuing Abandoned Carts

In today's digital age, the way people buy has experienced a dramatic shift. Instead of wandering around the local shops to get what they want, they are letting their fingers do the walking - online. Online shopping is huge and only getting bigger, which is why many businesses are utilising eCommerce to improve their sales leads and figures.

But, if you have an online store, how can you make the most of it? How can you increase your online sales? The purchases might be coming in, but how many are you losing?

What Is an Abandoned Cart? Why is It Important to Online Sales?

An abandoned cart in eCommerce land is when a potential customer adds some of your items to their cart, yet never check out. It happens all the time - more often than you might think.

67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale - Shopify, 2014

This means that your numbers might only be a third of what they could be. This is hardly ideal - but it leaves room for significant improvement.

What Are the Benefits of Rescuing Abandoned Carts?

Rescuing the abandoned carts in your eCommerce store can give your business a serious advantage. Not only will it help you to improve your sales, it will also help you to improve the customer experience.

Almost half of all abandoned cart emails are opened, with over a third of clicks leading to purchases on the site. - SaleCycle

Unfortunately, you have to accept that not everyone that adds items to their carts will check out with them. Some will never have the intention of doing so. However, rescuing abandoned carts isn't about trying to win those people over - it's about gently reminding the people who are likely to proceed with their purchase.

A lot of people who abandon their cars haven't meant to do so. Something might have come up or distracted them - that doesn't mean that they don't want what you have to offer.

Reminding these lost buyers about the items they have in their cart prompts them to return and complete their purchase, resulting in a happy customer and more money in your pocket.

So, how do you implement this sales strategy in your eCommerce store? How can you create the perfect abandoned cart email?

How to Make the Perfect Abandoned Cart Email

Making an abandoned cart email is remarkably simple. In order for your email to be as effective as possible, you need three things:

1. To remind the buyer of the items they have abandoned

2. A link back to their cart for the buyer to complete their purchase

3. Engaging content and copy.

Don't forget, your abandoned cart email is a free hit at digital marketing and marketing automation.

So, why not get the most out of it? After reminding your buyer of their abandoned items and prompting them with a link to proceed with the checkout process, why not provide some links to your blog or a downloadable content offer? Even if the person doesn't proceed with the purchase, these added links and copy will inspire more interaction with your shop, website or business.

By rescuing your abandoned carts, you have the potential to dramatically increase your online sales. So what's stopping you?

At The Kingdom, we understand that running or establishing an eCommerce store can be difficult - especially if you're not sure on the best practices. As eCommerce experts, we work with large cloud-based platforms such as Shopify to bring your business into the digital era. To learn more about how you can improve your online sales, sign up for a free digital sales training today.

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