The 7 Apps James Bond Wants with His Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is on the way, as is another James Bond movie. Naturally everyone is going to get an Apple Watch, Bond is classy, he will be up for it too. Q has always given James some nifty watches, but this time around not even Q can trump the crew from Cupertino. 

Here are some Apps we reckon James Bond will be sporting on his new Apple Watch.

Find My Watch

The perfect app for Bond, Moneypenny and M. Bond always goes walkabout, yet turns up in remote spots. With this App, M can keep tabs on him all over the world.

It also doubles as a map app, to continue to remind Bond which Swiss Alp ravine he has fallen down, or the location of the volcano of the secret base that he is currently raiding over martinis.


Insta is super popular and Bond loves being on the cutting edge of cool. This is the cool kids app, plus any good spy worth his 00's status needs to take photos of top secret documents. Instagram lets him adds hashtag so his other spy buddies can follow his progress as well as M and Moneypenny.

Plus it is perfect for taking selfies when he is out on the town with the remarkable array of reasonably attractive leading ladies he hangs with. 

(Fake) Passbook

It's all digital these days, even Passports have computer chips in them. So Bond needs to find a geeky counterfeiter that can set him up with a fake Passbook App. This will have him good to go with aliases Peter Franks, Arlington Beech, Fransisco Scaramanga all securely loaded, ready for when Bond is imposter mode. Saving the world. 


Lets' face it, everyone can have a bit of tough time in the dating world. One can't help but notice in the recent Bond movies the girl count for Bond is dropping. Bond never knows when he might be landing in some random town, with a night off so he needs Tinder.

Tinder makes it much easier to find a date than always having to seduce the nasty villains, gorgeous girlfriend/wife/assistant/bodyguards, get shot at and chased all the time. 

Nike Running

He really logs some miles old Bondy. It would be good for viewers to get an idea of how many kilometers and steps he actually does in a movie.We think it will be awesome to see how many calories he is burning whilst climbing down a cable car, or parkouring across building tops.

Pay By Phone Parking

Bond leaves plenty of cars running as he jumps out and chases bad guys. We are convinced he must get loads of parking tickets. This app is perfect to make sure he can pay his parking on the run, all whilst avoiding the spray of machine gun fire and RPG's coming his way. 


Bond is a Pommy. So odds are he loves 'real' football. He probably loves the Arsenal. This app will keep him up-to-dae with all the latest soccer scores and news from London as he is out and about saving the world. 

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