5 easy steps to getting productive with Google Apps for Business


At The Kingdom’s recent seminar, CEO Adam Steinhardt shared some insightful inbound and content marketing tips for businesses, to help you grow sales fast.

For those who missed out, here is tip #1 from the highly successful sales event.

Tip 1: Google Apps for business can boost productivity.

The Google Apps for Business are an easy way to add dynamite to your internal processes. Starting from just $5 per user per month, they provide a wealth of easy to use cloud-based productivity tools. These apps make business life so much easier. Here are five ways how.

  1. Google Docs allow you to access any document in the cloud on any internet device, giving you complete mobile freedom.
  2. The Market Place allows you to add easily and expand to the apps that your team is using.
  3. Gmail for teams allows you to control email for your business with a globally accepted email format. You can operate it anywhere in the cloud.
  4. You can use Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Slideshows altogether. For example, instead of dragging everyone to a brainstorming session where it takes 20 minutes to get everyone at the table, simply create a document and share it with your team. Brilliant for a quick, 10-minute power brainstorming session. Everybody types at once. Perfect for creating that next great marketing idea.
  5. The Google Drive allows you to save and share company-wide documents. Perfect for procedures and easy access for all staff. A great way to grow you blogs and content marketing weapons with your more productive team.

Utilising Google Apps is a smart business move that will reap no regrets - we highly recommend you start using them.

The Kingdom has qualified digital consultants working from our Rundle Street, Adelaide studio, that are easily able to assist you with the deployment of clever cloud-based solutions. Speak to our expert, Adam Steinhardt for more help. 

Successful productivity gaining Systemization is Step 4 of our 7 stage Grow Sales Fast Business System.

If you want to learn more about this tip, give our digital marketing experts at The Kingdom a call today - and stay tuned for Tip #2!