Facebook LIVE: 6 simple ways to get started


Chances are you have been seeing lots of videos popping up in your Facebook Feed lately. What is it all about? Well, Facebook has been making a big play for domination in the video stakes over the last year. Now with the introduction of LIVE, the algorithm is, in fact, giving preference to LIVE Video over static video too.

So let's take a look at where it all began.

In mid-2015, Facebook added the LIVE feature to Facebook Mentions.

Facebook Mentions is an App available for celebrities and people of interest to stay in touch with their followers.

Facebook Live streaming imageImage sourced via Mashable Australia


Facebook LIVE meant that these celebs could now LIVE stream: The red carpet, sporting events, behind the scenes - wherever they were with their phone. As you can imagine, it was a huge success, and the general public was keen to get involved. The team at Facebook had done an excellent job at creating anticipation and excitement about this cool new feature.



Facebook had done an excellent job at creating anticipation and excitement about this cool new feature.



In December 2015, it Facebook LIVE to the masses. Anyone could stream LIVE. Cool. But why? We already had Meerkat and Periscope to do this!

To be honest, I was a Periscoper and didn't give Meerkat a chance (Meerkat is now all but forgotten). Periscope was cool; we used it to live stream all of The Kingdom’s seminars with great success. Linked to your Twitter, your followers could see who was tuning in, followers could leave comments, and it was a way to attract new followers.  

Facebook LIVE has changed the game, though. As an individual and a business, I can LIVE stream from my phone, from anywhere.

So why will Facebook LIVE be a success?


We should take a look at some Facebook stats:

  • Approximately 1.6 billion total users
  • Approximately 1.4 billion users on mobile devices
  • Over 1 billion daily active users
  • 900 million daily active users



These stats tell us that Facebook is where it is at - still.

There are so many applications for this streaming option in our personal and social lives. However, I want to help you with some options for business use.

Here are six ideas for using Facebook LIVE for your business.


1. Behind the Scenes

Everyone has a little bit of voyeur in them. Stream a walk-through of your office having a quick light hearted chat with each of your team members as you pass through. Show someone creating something in your workplace, take them through a process that is part of the service you offer.

2. Answers Your Customers’ Questions

Take 10 minutes to run through some customer questions - a great opportunity to let your sales flare show, bring your personality into the equation and give customers and contacts a chance to learn more about what you do. And, most importantly, how you can help them.

3. Introduce a New Blog Just Published

Give an overview of your latest blog, what will people learn from reading it, provide a Call-To-Action to read on. LIVE is a brilliant way to attract new subscribers, so make sure you give them the option to sign up.

4. Interview a Staff Member

If there is one thing we know for a fact, it is that people love people. Any opportunity we have to share our staff and their story or personality, we will do it. You might think your business is B2b or B2C, ours is P2P  - People to People. People matter :)

Personality brings so much to the experience your customers have with your business.

5. Stream a LIVE Event

If your business is in the practice of hosting seminars or events - stream them. Bring viewers into the mix, make them feel like they were part of the event. An idea is to publicise that you will be broadcasting live, give a date and a time and invite people back to view, LIVE. Create an event on Facebook offering fans a chance to come back and view your stream.


6. Product Review/Overview

The old fashioned infomercial is reborn! Talk about your product, have another person there to interview about their experience with your range, release a new product. Tell me the benefits and features of it ... sell it to me!


73% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperform their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often.   [Source: Aberdeen]


We practise what we preach. Check out our Facebook Live library, where we make blog posts out of each Facebook Live Episode. We focus on giving you free Content Marketing help.

The Kingdom Live Video Library


There you have it, six ideas to get you started with Facebook LIVE. We are LIVE Monday - Thursday via The Kingdom’s Facebook page. Each day we cover something new and different, answering questions from customers about new Apps and technology that we are loving. Join us here.



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