Q&A - Your Smart Content Marketing Questions Answered


Today on The Kingdom Live, social media expert Zaahn Johnson and CEO Adam Steinhardt do something different and answer viewers' questions about content marketing

Q. I have to make my case for digital media to my boss. What metrics or information should I focus on to best make my point?

Sales are the best metric you can use.

Bosses are looking for ROI numbers, so you have to find the method your organisation uses to measure sales.

Though, there are two parts of the sales process, your marketing team and your sales team.

There needs to be a system in place to differentiate between a marketing qualified lead (MQL) or sales qualified lead (SQL). The organisation needs to understand the source of the conversion to produce the right ROI number.

Q. Why should I have Instagram for my business? How will I benefit from it?

Social media is an area where people claim a platform has no benefit without trying it for themselves.

If you take the time to learn how to use a platform, you can begin to understand its benefits and what it can be used for.

When using social media, think about how it can enrich the customer experience. You may not know where your social media will end up, but you will discover other benefits along the way.

When learning about social media platforms, also be looking at web pages, blogs and podcasts.

38% of CMOs said that aligning and integrating sales and marketing was a top priority in 2014.   [Source: CMO Council]

Q. What should my first blog post be about on my website? Should it be introductory, or get straight into it?

Great writers write. The most important thing is to just start writing a blog, you can always remove the content you disapprove of later.

An essential part of writing blogs is to have an understanding of your audience. Do research on your area and get a real feel what your niche is.

Blogging should let you be an expert in one thing, you can’t be all things to all people. Once you have done 10-15 blog posts, you can see what areas have resonated with your audience and fill in the gaps that have been left.

This is when tools like HubSpot are essential. They allow you to see which blogs are performing from an analytical point of view.

Make sure your blogs are always adding value to your customer’s experience.

And, if you are going to start a blog, make sure you have a way to distribute it (such as social media). 


Q. Should I have a foundation of content before introducing my startup business? And what would that look like?

When you start a business, you have to work really hard on everything. This includes content marketing.

Make sure you have digital assets, social media, images, a blog and a website. These are essential content distributing tools for any inbound marketing-based startup.

The great thing about digital advertising media is you can get started pretty quickly.

If you had to use one platform to start out on, it should be a Facebook business page. The Facebook Ads Engine available is a remarkable tool for any digital marketer.

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