Is Sales and Marketing Automation Software for B2B or B2C Businesses?

Sales and marketing automation software has been around for almost 10 years, yet there seems to be a bit of grey area around who is best suited to it. Is it Business to Business software, or is it Business to Consumer? Will B2B or B2C businesses benefit more from it?

Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson discuss how any business can benefit from automated sales and marketing software, as long as you have a website and you sell something. Why is it so simple?

Well instead of thinking that your business is B2B or B2C, think of it as a P2P business.


P2P, or people to people, enables you to think in a human-centric way. When you think about it, we are all selling something to someone in some way and because of that similarity, all of our businesses can be looked at in the same way.

We are all communicating in some way too. This is why any business can benefit from sales and marketing automation software. The software allows you to communicate your brand message in a more efficient manner. Different businesses will simply use the tools in a way that works for them.


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What are the Benefits?

Sales and marketing automation software allows you greater productivity gains. This is gold in business, where more time can be spent on creative content and business growth. The automation part means you spend less time sorting through the tedious tidbits of sales and marketing (hooray!).

Only 21% of salespeople consider their CRM software's integration capabilities with marketing software or other tools to be high quality. (HubSpot, 2016) (Source:

How Does Automation Work?

Automation means that it facilitates all your digital assets in one place - like your website and social media. It's about using many tools together to get your brand message heard more quickly and efficiently.

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