How Much Does Automated Sales & Marketing Software Cost and Is It Worth It?


Zaahn Johnson and CEO Adam Steinhardt discuss how much automated sales and marketing software really costs, and whether it's worth it. 

What is automated sales and marketing software?

It is the evolution of how we do sales and marketing. Automated sales and marketing software increases your efficiency by keeping all your digital software and collateral in one place.

An expanding category that includes software such as HubSpot, that will keep your digital marketing from becoming overwhelming.

What is HubSpot? Find out here...

Moving toward 2020 all businesses will have to adapt to this type of sales and marketing or pave the way for their competition.

Should we think of it as a cost or an investment?

Yes, the software costs money, but as inbound marketing experts, it would be inaccurate to classify it as a business cost. What you will gain is an investment when you buy automated sales and marketing software.

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Discover how you can bring innovative sales and marketing ideas to market at a much faster rate.

We discuss how bringing a webinar to market without automated software takes a lot of time to both organise, present and market. With automated software can streamline this process and receive legitimate conversions as a result.

Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads

What goes into a marketing budget?

Where are you currently spending your marketing dollars? We discuss the challenges business has to understand how much should be budgeted for sales and marketing. 

Are the dollar values for your time and human resources being considered in your marketing budget? Software such as HubSpot lowers the admin and HR costs that skyrocket your budget.

What is the cost of inactivity?

Your business. If you are not present digitally you will open the doors for your competitors. The cost of not doing anything is your sales.

Automated software, with powerful CRM solutions, can assist small businesses that have fewer people doing many jobs. It helps you save on the cost of labour and increases overall efficiency.

The cost of not choosing automated sales and marketing software is going broke.



App of the day

Teamwork is the app of the day. A cloud-based application that makes it easy to manage projects. You can create task lists, delegate jobs and send email reminders that all integrate with HubSpot. You can generate Gantt charts and share you work with internal and external collaborators. Great on both desktop and IOS devices.

If you have any questions about automated sales and marketing software, contact us at The Kingdom. 


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