How to Beat the Facebook Casino in Three Easy Steps

Do you feel like Facebook is Big Brother? To me, they feel like a casino. You can never beat the house.

It seems just as your are finding your niche and getting Facebook marketing working for you, they find the loophole and change, clamping down and get the odds back in their favour.

Remember the good old days where you could post to your wall and all of your followers saw your message? Now it feels like nobody is getting your love. Unless of course you pay the ever increasing amount of money to play the Facebook sucker bet post boosting.

As for the 20% text rule that bans your advertising art if it says anything, I mean seriously, c'mon Mark, lighten up.

The good news is there is a better way, and you can beat the Facebook casino in a way that is legal and even promoted by them.


Welcome to Audience Remarketing

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By using Facebook Audience Remarketing, we have got our Facebook advertising down to 18c per click. - Adam Steinhardt, CEO

For those that use Google AdWords for your lead generation, you would know 18c is remarkably cheap. As a determined digital marketing agency, when managing Google AdWords, we usually work of $1 a click as a benchmark. Any higher and we need to try harder. Lower is a win.

So how did we get to $.18c?

Many people already know that the secret to successful advertising is repetition and trust. Pixel tracking creates an audience that you can remarket to on Facebook. This audience is made up of only those people that have been to your website, and Facebook then lets you market your message just to this audience. A small sample set, of just your web visitors.

With the audience small, cutting out the noise means you get really high repetition stats. With high repetition and trust, this is when advertising works. The click flow in and the cost per click is low.

Here are the steps to success.

  1. Insert the Facebook Tracking Pixel on your website
  2. Using the Ad Manager create an Audience from this tracked pixel of recent web visitors
  3. Use the Facebook Ad Manager to advertise only to this Audience

If you have a trusted website where you are helping people answer their questions, then they are more likely to click on your ads. If this seems complicated, fear not, simply drop us a line or email us and we will help you get it working.


HubSpot™ gives you the science

Using HubSpot™ here at The Kingdom we can track who has come to our web site. Plus, we can see the various different sources that got them there. This which allows us to further tweak the way that we are working our customers.HubSpot™ is a powerful marketing automation cloud software platform that is quite simply remarkable. HubSpot™, combined with a content marketing strategy, turns your website into a deal-making machine.

As a digital marketing agency, we are always looking to maximise your sales. We are on a never-ending quest for the perfect advertising arbitrage play. This is where the cost of customer acquisition it far cheaper than the value of the deal. Facebook pixel tracking is that arbitrage play that is beating the Facebook casino.

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