Key Sales Lessons from Sex and the City You Can't Ignore.


We all want people to like us. In sales we want to make deals, so let's take some of the inspiration from the Sex and the City girls - Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and the vivacious Samantha.

So, I have to confess, I'm not a Sex in the City regular viewer. I have caught a few episodes and found it amusing, I applaud it for bringing to life the struggles of everyday dating, sexuality, romance and promiscuous adventures that are usually taboo.

Discover the slightly shocking sales tips learned from Sex in the City...

Attract. Convert. Close. Delight. So, how does this apply to your business?

Well ironically, attracting customers is just like attracting new lovers.

Let's use the sassy Samantha Jones as our case study. That woman knows how to close a deal, so she’s the perfect metaphor for the four stages of a successful conquest.


Dress up, style up, look fantastic. Pick your favourite Christian Louboutins and your hottest Prada outfit, get your nails done, hair styled.

Women throughout history have used these tactics to become more alluring, and men are catching on now as well.

So, you’ve done the hard work, and you hit the bars - ready to play.

Be seen in the best places with the lovely people. You want to be attractive.


As a guy, I ask you - when was the last time you jumped right in a asked a potential partner for a date in the first minute? Even Samantha needs a few minutes to get to the yes.

Jumping in too early is what many brands do though. Over eager sales people want signups, sales and love right away. Everyone has had the experience of salespeople launching themselves like a desperate barfly when you are not ready to buy.

It's far more productive to gently get your customer to know you better first, before the big ask.

Play the long game. Get to know your customers first. Have them learn to like you, trust you, much like Charlotte.


This is where the Sex and the City girls shine.

They’ve talked, they’ve flirted, they’ve played the game. Now, it’s time to close the deal.

Bold Samantha asks the hottest guy in the bar to go home with her, after she has worked her magic on attraction and conversion, and by doing this, she has a stellar success rate. But it works for Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie as well. Build the trust, and the close is easy.

Closing is a skill that needs quality preparation. Otherwise, the target probably won’t give it to you - and you’ll have spent all that time, and spent all that money on Cosmopolitans, for nothing.


There’s no point in closing the deal if you make the person regret dating you. Delighting your consumer is vital in ensuring they have a great customer experience, and feel happy that they’ve gone with your business over any others. In providing them constant value, the consumer will more than likely buy from you again - and spread the good word about how great you are.

If you delight - they’ll keep coming back for more, as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda well know.

Assisting consumers through the inbound methodology of attract, convert, close and delight, you’ll become the hottest brand at the bar. By using digital marketing and fantastic creative story telling, you can attract your customers.

The power of a gorgeous, well-designed website is critical. Just like the lovely ladies from Sex and the City, you need to be armed with the best tools.

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