8 Ideas You Can Steal from Our Record Website Growth

As a marketing agency, we sucked at marketing ourselves. Our staff were consigned to the cold calling dungeon and would come and go. 

With terrible connect rates, loads of training time was wasted and hours of Google research was leading to nothing but frustration. We were a stuck-in-the-mud marketing company. Something had to change.

With an average of 400 website clicks per month for the last couple of years, we enjoyed a spike only when we appeared successfully on The Gruen Transfer.

It is difficult to advertise a marketing agency because you are paying 100% of the cost of the advertising but only reaching a tiny percent of the marketplace.

Then along came HubSpot.

We embarked upon a content marketing adventure using an inbound methodology. After evaluating Pardot, InfusionSoft and Marketo, we eventually decided on the HubSpot platform.

Three months down the track we have record growth. Our website hits are growing every month, going from 400 to 2533 in April alone.

June is projected to hit 4,000, a ten-fold increase on our historical average.


Here are 8 things that we learned that could help your business.

Marketing investment creates commitment

We wrote the cheque and committed to a year-long subscription to HubSpot. Once we did this, we were fully invested in the content marketing process. It made a huge difference. The investment was real, so the desire for results has been with us ever since.

Content marketing gets you ranked higher on search.

It's good for the soul telling as much as you can about your business - but it's even better knowing that every single page you create is improving your organic search engine ranking forever! It's the gift that keeps on giving.

In Australia, your competitors are not doing it. Seriously.

Australia is a long way behind the United States in the automated marketing software marketplace. There is a fantastic opportunity for you to get a clear market advantage using a tried and tested method. HubSpot has 15,000 customers in 90 different countries. Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Oracle's Eloqua and InfusionSoft are massive software platforms, yet few people here in Australia have heard of them.

Get in early and crush your competition!

Gamification of your key metrics gets you inspired

Using the remarkable HubSpot™ reporting tools, you can get seriously motivated analysing what works and what doesn't. Everything becomes a competition. We track our stats hourly now as we are getting significant results, and this drives us harder to get more results.

Get Twitter working

We tweet between 20-40 times a day. We work on a 10:1:1 rule. Ten for content we love that is written by others, one promotional Tweet for ourselves, and one educational Tweet from us. It requires a lot of effort, but it's worth it once you start getting momentum. Discover more about how to get Twitter working for you here.

HubSpot gets you a healthier sales funnel

With HubSpot, you can identify your customers early but still let them build trust with you through your content. This is all done before you contact them. Put an end to the dreaded call today, with HubSpot.

We can see who is hitting our website and when they are doing it. It's incredible for sales. This feature alone should have all the sales teams in your office grabbing the phone wanting a demo of HubSpot right now.

Your old customers are still around

Are you giving up on your customers too early? HubSpot lets us see that there are lots of former customers that are still very much in touch with our business. We have since reconnected with many of these consumers and got sales. HubSpot gives you an entire contact history, including all the web pages that your contacts have visited.

It has been a remarkable three months.

Using HubSpot and content marketing we have gone from 300 website clicks in January to 2533 in April, and we are not alone. This is the experience of most people who have invested in content marketing and the HubSpot platform.

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