Episode 8 - Use Social Media to Convert Leads in Your Sales Funnel



Now that you have attracted your customer, what’s the next step? Stage 2 is all about how to convert your social media fans and followers into leads. You have already attracted them using your content, now it’s time to offer them something more.


Create Something of Value

A great way to convert followers into leads is by offering them premium content that is given in exchange for their information. You have to ensure that whatever you are offering is worth exchanging their email for. 

The offer of knowledge in the forms of an eBook, webinar or whitepapers will give you the opportunity to show off your skills. 

eBooks are a great way to share your knowledge and build trust with your prospects.
Free webinars give you the opportunity to share your skills and engage in something relevant at the same time. Webinars not only allow you to interact with your prospects but can be recorded for future use. social_media.pngResearch reports are a great way of sharing data through infographics and case studies. The infographics can also be used to create cool back links to your website

Just remember the value of the proposition must be enough to receive the customer's information in return.  

Create a Landing Page

Your advertised offer must lead to a landing page. This is where your prospect can share their information with you in exchange for your content. 

Without the landing page and information, your potential customer cannot become a lead. 


Once you have your offer and a landing page, you are ready to share your content with the world. We come full circle, as you need to share the offer from your website across your social media channels. 

You can create a great offer using the Facebook ad engine. This application allows you to be specific when targeting your audience. This is also a very cost-effective way of getting your content promoted across Facebook. 

Pixel tracking also allows you to narrow down segments by promoting your ads to people who have already visited your website. 

Favourite HubSpot Resource

Zaahn Johnson, The Kingdom's social media expert, was a big fan of the HubSpot campaign tool this week. It allows you to see what part of your HubSpot journey is humming along.

A tool that is often underused, it allows you to attach a campaign name to social media posts, and can give you data on how it has gone. This tracking tool gives you an idea of how specific campaigns have been done over time so you can analyse it. 

CEO Adam Steinhardt is fond of two HubSpot features this week. The new customisable dashboard allows users to move and collapse the contact module. Secondly, the new ability to place messages from external applications directly into HubSpot.

If I Were in Charge of HubSpot, I Would Change…

Zaahn would love to be able to post and schedule videos via HubSpot's scheduling tool. As a major fan of videos on social media, it would be an incredible and useful feature.

Adam thinks it would be great to have a membership module that allows a private viewing space for members and would give them special options.

On that note, that wraps up this week's Podcast on Part 2 of How to Use Social Media to Bring People Down the Sales Funnel. 

This year, Adam will be speaking about how to transform your ageing sales skills into a modern inbound sales strength before it’s too late. Until next week, check us out on Twitter @hub_n_spoke.

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