3 Reasons Why Hosting Your Website On HubSpot Will Save You Time, Money & Stress

I’ll let you in on a little secret; prior to discovering HubSpot (and promptly thereafter becoming HubSpot partners), we had been through hell as far as website development and hosting had been concerned. 

From developing WordPress themes and hosting them on a shared hosting environment, to hand-coded PHP solutions which were uploaded through a combination of Git, Jenkins and dark sorcery, to then migrating all of our WordPress sites to Rackspace, which sadly didn’t offer any security layer on top of the hosting, to transferring all of those sites again to Pagely, which was a step in the right direction, but still not ideal.

It sounds like an absolute mess doesn’t it?

It was; and an expensive, stressful mess at that. It wasted our time in terms of having to spend days, or weeks backing up sites, transferring them, cleaning them if they were infected, calling support personnel from each hosting provider, who were sometimes unable to assist, and other times simply in the wrong timezone to assist in a timely manner. Worse still, for us it meant unhappy customers. There was many a time when we weren’t able to provide them with a timely solution to a hosting related problem. But this was all before HubSpot.

Since we became certified partners, and began developing and hosting websites on the HubSpot CRM platform, it’s been clear sailing.

We’re able to spend less time worrying about whether or not our client’s site would get hacked, or if it would go offline for a random and unannounced maintenance period.

We haven’t once had to pay huge additional sums of money to get tech support on the other side of the world to pull an all-nighter to save our skins - Instead we’ve been able to focus on actually building and growing our customer’s websites; adding content to them in a blissfully uninterrupted fashion.

I present to you 5 solid reasons, why hosting (and developing) your website with HubSpot will literally save you time, money & stress.

1. All For One And One For All.

HubSpot is a fully formed marketing platform. This means that you don’t have to download a myriad of plugins (some of which may not work, others which may not be free, and others still which might be security holes).

Furthermore, working with the HubSpot CMS is now more intuitive than ever, with an inline editor in addition to a flexible design manager - both of which are consistently the same. By this I mean that the interface and toolset you use to create templates, emails and blog articles does not change from site to site, customer to customer.

This means that speed of development is increased, as you don’t have to re-learn the tools every time you open a new portal, it also means stress is reduced.

Deadlines are easier to hit when HubSpot website development becomes muscle memory.

In addition to this, HubSpot hits the ground running as a responsive platform - so you, or your developer won’t have to start making your website mobile friendly from scratch - your content will look good no matter where you view it.

2. World-Class Security and Support.

HubSpot's security team has their eyes and ears peeled 24 hours a day. You’ll be pleased to know that your website is also protected by a Web Application Firewall (WAF), not to mention SSL if you’ve purchased the Website add-on. This security is NOT an additional extra, it’s HubSpot's default stance. As they say, “Security shouldn’t be a luxury” - and thus far we haven’t had one security issue with any of our HubSpot websites.

Highly available. Consistently hitting 99.99% uptime.

Additionally, all customer data is 100% backed up to multiple sources, with backups of backups on top of that, so if the worst does occur, your content will be covered, and can be restored easily. Add to this a hand-picked team of employees who’ve had 3rd party background checks, and who monitor platform and application behaviour all day, every day, and you can see why we’ve stopped worrying about downtime and security issues.

Furthermore - as of Inbound 2015, HubSpot announced that it’ll be providing free support for SSL across it’s entire platform. If you’re unfamiliar with SSL or it’s benefits, look no further than this in-depth article, written by yours truly.

3. Speed That You Can Count On.

HubSpot also runs on a content delivery network (CDN) (at no additional charge to you). So no matter where you or your customers are on the planet, they’ll be viewing your site and interacting your content at top speed.

HubSpot’s infrastructure lives in three distinct geographic regions and five availability zones, making sure your lead generation and sales support are available whenever you are. - HubSpot

To get an idea of HubSpot’s speed in relation to other competitors, read this independent study.

Have more time, save more money, be less stressed.

You get the picture; we’ve come from a development and hosting pipeline that once resembled Frankenstein’s Monster; a lurching monstrosity of programs, processes and problems all sewn together. 

Our situation today with HubSpot is very different - we now enjoy being part of a system which is unified, secure, redundant, speedy, supported and most importantly - constantly growing and improving with the times - it allows us a greater freedom to help our clients worry about the important things - creating and developing a website that actually functions like an asset, not a liability.

If our situation sounds similar to yours, I urge you to get in touch with us today to see how we can help you out - website development and hosting doesn’t need to be difficult - call us today for a step in the right direction.