Episode 40: The Form Guide on Sales Lead Creating Forms





The HubnSpoke podcast team of CEO, Adam Steinhardt, and social media expert, Zaahn Johnson, talk about the form guide on HubSpot forms.

In today's HubSpot podcast, we're discussing the HubSpot form tool and how it's a key to the success of your inbound marketing sales lead generating website.

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What is the HubSpot Form Tool?

This is what HubSpot say about their form tool:

Build custom forms that connect to your contacts database.

Easily create custom forms in seconds, and start converting anonymous visitors into qualified leads.

Just drag and drop the questions you want to ask right into place – no technical expertise necessary. Create custom fields, or select from a dozen different field types such as open text fields, dropdowns menus, radio select buttons, check boxes, and more. Then add your form to any HubSpot landing page, or embed it onto any external website.


Having the form tool optimised will ensure that you are harvesting critical data that you can use to nurture your prospects and convert them into customers.

Why only four forms?

Surprisingly, there is a strong belief that you only should be considering four forms for your automated sales and marketing platform.

One is the Contact Us form. Everybody has and needs a contact us form. But what are the other three?

Then three other forms that match the stage of your data in your sales funnel.

Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel and Bottom of the funnel are powerful concepts. (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU)

Click here to discover more about TOFU, MOFU and BOFU.

Relive HubnSpoke Episode 2 - Understanding TOFU

These are the inbound marketing stages (not to be confused with Lifecycle Stages) , known as the Awareness, Consideration and Decision stages.

The Kingdom HubSpot Inbound

What is Inbound Marketing? Find out more here.

Each stage should have its separate forms.

Progressive polling is a vital part of the HubSpot Pro and Enterprise solutions that allow you to harvest more data from your prospect every time they fill out a form.

This is a fundamental difference in the power of digital marketing in comparison to traditional marketing.

If HubSpot recognises the user's cookie, previously captured fields are replaced by new, more qualifying questions.

Each time a form is submitted, progressive polling represents new fields encouraging your prospect to contribute data that helps you understand more about them.

The more your sales prospects trust you, the greater the amount of data you can progressively harvest from them.

Growth Hacker, Zaahn Johnson today talks about the workflows recipe tool which is a super helpful way of building a word for a recipe for your business.

Learn more about Growth Hacking

Use the workflow recipe tools to create the basic workflow, and from there you can clone and improve your workflow strategy quickly.

We also discuss the CRM Extensions tool that HubSpot has just released – API magic is now possible. CrystalKnows.com is going to be HUGE.

Tool of the week: If you haven't joined Inbound.org, check it out! The very friendly community is awesome for getting ideas and coaching with anything you're having trouble with.

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