Episode 34 - The 5 Must-Have Lists For Your HubSpot Portal




Are you a HubSpot user? Chief Executive Officer, Adam Steinhardt and social media expert, Zaahn Johnson of The Kingdom discover the five different Lists that every HubSpot portal should have in this week's episode of our HubSpot podcast, HubnSpoke.

Let's investigate some must have lists for your HubSpot portal.

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The Customer Lifecycle Stage List

This is a must have where you have the list of your clients this allows you to quickly push out the latest news about your organisation to customers that are familiar with you.

This can also be used with the HubSpot smart fields, which allow you to provide different content to different lists.

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Number of Opened Email List

Creating a list from the opened emails by contacts in your HubSpot Portal is a powerful tool. This shows the number of emails that your customers have opened.

55% of B2B marketers say they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like. 

(Content Marketing Institute, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

Number of Website Pages Visited

A powerful inbound marketing lead nurturing list is one built from the number of website pages that your customers have visited. This provides you with the real understanding of who has been on your website and allows you to segment your customers into a meaningful sales funnel.

Discover why MOFU is important to your lead nurturing process. 

Building Twitter Lists

Zaahn Johnson social media expert talks about using Twitter and lists, built with the power of the HubSpot progressive polling forms.

This is inbound marketing working at its best. Find out how Inbound marketing can power a lead generating website. 

Creating content marketing that tracks your results gives you the chance to learn more and more about the prospect.

As such, you can make a list of the Twitter handles you've collected and follow and engage with these people.

90 Day Re-engagement

We also build lists of contacts who have not been on your website for 90 days, which then allows you to enrol them into a workflow and send them welcome back emails.

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We investigate the new features movie that HubSpot has created to show off the new features in the platform.

As part of our HubSpot feature requests, we would like to sort the blog listings. Zaahn has the innovative idea for HubSpot to integrate Canva, the powerful web-based graphic tool.

We applaud HubSpot for its use of surveys to get feedback on the platform.

To finish off this episode of the HubnSpoke podcast, we investigate the growthbot.net tool invented by the HubSpot co-founder, Dharmesh Shah. It's amazing how artificial intelligence can make marketing easier and more powerful.

Zaahn talks up the power of Pinterest as a way to get great ideas for creating content.

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