Episode 29 - The 10 Hidden HubSpot Email Features That Blow Mailchimp Away



Email marketing is a critical part of any content marketing strategy. Many businesses use tools like Mailchimp to send email, but there are even more powerful tools out there. In Episode 29 of the HubnSpoke podcast, our inbound marketing experts CEO Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson deep dive into the HubSpot Email tool.

What did they find?

They discovered 10 powerful features that put Mailchimp to shame and have HubSpot users glowing with sales and marketing software domination pride. 

Are you using your HubSpot email tool to its maximum ability?

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When was the last time you did a deep dive on the HubSpot email tool? HubSpot is known for actively releasing new features all the time, and loads of additional email tweaks and improvements have surfaced recently.

These ten forgotten features of the HubSpot email tool will improve your email reach and allow you to get smarter with intelligent email marketing analysis.

The ability to segment email lists and individualize email campaign messaging are the most effective personalization tactics for 51% and 50% of marketing influencers respectively.

10 Impressive Features of HubSpot Email Sending Tool

  1. The "don't send to low engagement list" feature. HubSpot has built a special list of people who have not engaged with 12 consecutive emails. Click it to filter out your email list and have a cleaner selection of contacts. You'll get better stats on engagement because your sends won't be polluted by the non-openers.

  2. Updated HubSpot email analytics. HubSpot email analytics are now more powerful than ever before, including new graphs and charts that make it easy to identify your best and worst performing content.

  3. Click Maps to see where contacts click. This is a cool feature. HubSpot shows you where people click, and a list of the specific contacts that clicked there.

  4. Time spent viewing the email. Discover how many seconds your contacts are viewing your email. 

  5. See which devices your emails are read on. Finally, hard data to understand your mobile vs. desktop email engagement. HubSpot can show you in-depth information on the device and app your contacts are using to open your emails, so you can use that information to improve your templates and your CTAs.

  6. Link clicking data. See who is clicking on your emails and what links they are choosing. This powerful feature throws up fresh sales leads with every email.

  7. Add emojis to email subject lines. Add emojis to power up the impact of your email subject line. The Kingdom team are going to go to start A/B testing which Emoji is going to win.

    One-third of millennial workers are comfortable using emojis to communicate with a direct manager or senior executive.

    (Adobe, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)
  8. Smart subject lines. Tailor your subject to lifecycle stages or members of a list. Customise your subject header to be relevant and contact-specific.

  9. HubSpot Smart Send. Global companies love Smart Send, which sends your email to your contact/list during their time zone instead of yours.

  10. Send to more. Did your recent email do well? Use this great HubSpot email feature to send the same email again to different lists.

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