Episode 32 - The Five Point SMART Guide To HubSpot Success



The HubnSpoke podcast team of Zaahn Johnson and Adam Steinhardt talk about Five Hidden Keys to HubSpot Success.

How do you ensure HubSpot is successful for your business?

We take the SMART acronym and turn it on its head to get a new perspective on how to make HubSpot and inbound marketing work for your business.

S = Sales Training

M = Management Buy In

A = Application

R = Remove the Haters

T = Time, give it time

If you are not sure what HubSpot is, you can discover a demonstration movie here.

S = Sales Training

Sales Training is critical. There is no magic wand in HubSpot. Sales people are the ultimate determinate of your success. Sales training is critical. HubSpot will get your more leads, but your business will only grow if your salespeople recognise and act on those leads.

The HubSpot sales and marketing platform, when deployed correctly, will deliver more leads to your sales team. To maximise your HubSpot investment, your sales team will need to be able to convert.

How much is HubSpot? It is a sizable investment, leading many people to question whether it's worth it. "Is HubSpot worth the money? Will HubSpot work?" The fact is, a well-supported HubSpot portal will generate more leads. But is your sales force able to convert them?

As a sales leader, are you lost in the marketing technology age? Marketing tech and predictive data only work for your sales team if you know how to use it.

Your team needs to be on the cutting edge of marketing technology. HubSpot gives you the tools to fire up your ageing sales skills.

Sales and marketing have changed in the last decade. It's now the not-so-golden age of Seller Beware.

The Buyer now has all the power, and they are not about to give it back.

It is strongly recommended that your business has HubSpot training, or works on retainer with a HubSpot Partner, like The Kingdom.

M = Management

Has your company management team bought into the inbound marketing process? Executive management needs to fully support and understand the process of inbound marketing and digital marketing. That means allocating the time, resources, and budget to allow your marketing team or HubSpot partner to develop the portal. A company that spends 6 months and a couple of thousand on their HubSpot portal won't see the value, because they never invested fully in HubSpot or gave it the opportunity to succeed.

A = Application

The more determined your organisation is to succeed, the better inbound marketing will work for you. Great HubSpot and inbound marketing happen when the entire organisation is brought on board and the marketing and sales team work together to get their customer's questions answered and their site fine-tuned into a lead-generating sales funnel.

R = Remove the haters

HubSpot deployment means change management. This can intimidate some employees that are entrenched in their old ways. Communication and extra training are needed to inspire them. Failing to do this results in a destructive force that can ruin your best intentions from the inside. Removing these naysayers from the HubSpot implementation and its oversight is absolutely critical to success. For haters that can't be sent on their way, try adapting your language and approach to get their buy-in.

T = Time. HubSpot Needs Time

Inbound marketing needs time. The HubSpot feature set is robust and extensive. It takes time to master the tools. It takes time to create your website content. It takes time for content marketing to gain traction with Google Search Engines.

B2B marketers say the #1 benefit of marketing automation is the ability to generate more and better leads.

(Pepper Global, 2014) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)


HubSpot is not like traditional media. It takes time to gain momentum.

Time is one of the fundamental differences between digital media and traditional media. Many people ask, what is better digital or traditional?

Find out the answer here.

Many people ask "What does HubSpot do?" It creates leads by being a more capable platform for your website and digital marketing activities.

In this episode, we discuss the new HubSpot integrations that have just been released.

We speak about the Enthusem integration with HubSpot and hot off the Google Alerts list, Instapage. Instapage is an interesting way to create custom landing pages, quickly.

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