How to Test if You Have Unnecessary Impediments for Your Customers

How to test if you have unnecessary impediments for your customers (and how to remove them)

Do you have unrealised blockages to your sales process?

Are you getting prospects down the sales funnel, but then annoying your future customers without realising it?

Are you paying for Cost-Per-Click advertising, only to fail at the sales conversion point? It's great putting the effort into blogging, but if you can't do the deals, it's a waste.The Kingdom CEO Adam Steinhardt and inbound marketing and social media expert Zaahn Johnson follow up on a real life (poor) customer sales experience.

Attracting customers is hard. No matter how many posts on Facebook, how great your Instagram is, or how amazing your content marketing, if you have poor customer service at the sales coal face, you are not going to make sales.

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. (WordStream, 2016) (Source:


As digital and inbound marketing specialists, we know the Internet allows for us to shop anywhere and anytime, so getting a customer to your door (physically or online) is hard enough without losing them once you get them there.

Learning what inbound marketing is all about is a good start to getting more leads, but you still need to remove the impediments at the sale.

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The Kingdom inbound sales experts discuss how to make sure your front line doesn’t send your customer base out the door and into the arms of your competitor.

Find out how using Secret Shoppers can be utilised in more ways than one to weed out issues your customers might come up against in your business.

Discover the power of being your web expert. Explore your social media experience and conduct a website assessment for your business, would you shop for your business?

Is your competitor doing a better job of content marketing on their website?

Learn how Growth-Driven Design can make a significant impact on creating a lead generating website.

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The Kingdom HubSpot feature of the day is the new “Projects” feature. We here at the Kingdom are huge fans. Find out how using Projects for your staff can save you money by removing the need for other tools such as Basecamp and Teamwork.

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