The 8 Quick Tips to Interstate Expansion for Under $1000

How do you break into new markets in today's digital world? Having a powerful automated marketing platform like HubSpot allows you to break easily into new markets. 

If you wish to go interstate or into a new market how would you do it?

The digital marketing revolution makes it much easier than that now. Particularly if you are using automated marketing software like HubSpot. HubSpot is the world's leading Automated Software Tool, and is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Automated marketing software is a relatively new segment of cloud computing, particularly in Australia, but it's huge in the USA. For Australian business, getting on the bandwagon now is a great idea.

You can get a competitive advantage before the rest of your competitors even knows what hit them. With automated marketing and powerful audience remarketing advertising platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can easily test a new market with minimal fuss.

Your fast B2B expansion start-up tool kit.

Here are some quick tips to get you started into new markets. 
  1. Grow you interstate email list, entering your business cards is a good idea.
  2. Launch Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads reaching out to interstate customers.
  3. Hold a seminar, use the calls-to-action and landing pages to get activation happening in the new cities. You only need a few to get going. 
  4. Invite all your friends to invite their interstate friends, spread the word.
  5. Fire up social media, go hard, post hard with your mates, remember they probably all work. 
  6. Call suppliers and ask them to come along and invite other customers.
  7. Leverage relationships of people that you know or have met over the years.
  8. Follow up with emails, reminding them of the next time you will be in town.
Even if you do intend to launch a bricks and mortar business, this quick fire way to create some activity is like the pilot to your blockbuster.

But with a product like HubSpot you can launch easily into new markets because you have a business tool that can generate leads in the marketplace