How to Use Social Media to Engage Every Stage of the Sales Funnel Part 4 - Delight


Welcome to part 4 of our 4 part series on how to use social media in all stages of the inbound sales funnel to improve your marketing metrics. Our social media expert team discuss the DELIGHT stage of the inbound methodology. 

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So, you have brought your customers down the inbound marketing sales funnel and you're at the close stage. What should you do now to encourage more sales growth?

Solve your customer’s questions, answer them and continue to help them post-sale. Maintaining your relationship with them is important to ensure they will be a returning customer.


Educate your customers by posing and answering questions for them on your social media pages. Everybody wants more sales leads, but one way to increase business is to work the sales leads you have to become repeat customers.

Do you reply to all of your customer's posts? Is it a part of your SMART marketing goals? Do you have it as a part of your marketing metrics?

Find out more about SMART Marketing here.

Replying to every post shows your engagement with your customer's. Should you also reply to complaints? Definitely. Responding to them quickly will diffuse the situation. Social media can amplify the situation as posts can spread very quickly.


On average, companies respond to only 30% of social media fans' feedback. [Source: Factbrowser  ]


Remember to keep in touch with your customers post-sale. By giving your loyal customers discounts and incentives, you will create a stronger relationship with them by rewarding them for being a customer. 

Do you have fun with your brand? Keep in mind that every post doesn't have to be serious. Redbull has fun with their brand and is a great example of how you can be inspiring to your customers. They’re a content company who also happens to sell drinks.

Are you limiting your thought process? Facebook and Twitter aren't the only social media platform's you can use. Broaden your thinking and make sure you are using every relevant social media platform to cross-promote your posts.

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