Forget 'Clicks' - Why You Want a Lead Generating Website


In today’s Kingdom Live video, Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson discuss why website hits are not the best metric to base your marketing descisions. So, what should be the real focus when analysing your website traffic?

Why not analyse clicks?

While clicks are a major measurement of the sales and marketing industry, measuring clicks to determine the success of your marketing strategy is inaccurate. As an inbound marketing agency, we have discovered, it is who makes up those clicks that matters.

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Click-baiting using pop culture to drive traffic back to your website may increase your overall visits, but volume doesn't mean much. The visitors coming to your website need to be the right clicks for your business services. Your website should follow inbound marketing principles to make the most of the visitors.


What to analyse instead

So what should you focus your analysis on? Focus on the inbound leads the clicks are generating. By using Call-To-Actions and landing pages, you will know what converts website traffic into leads and marketing qualified leads.

Find out how to get inbound marketing ROI by reading this helpful article.

Make a great website by making each page have a single purpose. This way you will know exactly why a prospect is on your website, and can nurture them according to where they are in their sales journey.

 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy.

HubSpot is a great automated sales and marketing platform that allows you to view the data to see the parts of your website are working. Using a Call-To-Action on these pages is what moves the prospect through the sales funnel.

Website clicks are good, but only the number of converting leads can give you information about where a person is in their sales journey. 

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If you are ever in need of assistance with your inbound marketing or wanting to learn more about HubSpot, check out The Kingdom's website. We are HubSpot Platinum Certified Partners

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