Sales Inspiration: Are Your Staff as Good as Your Website?


How would you rate the first touch with your organisation after a prospect has researched you on the Internet? Is your first touch as classy and efficient as your website? Is your website rubbish and your first touch remarkable? Are they out of balance? 

The key to successful sales is making sure that your website is outstanding, and your sales team and reception crusaders are equally impressive. Today Zaahn Johnson went shopping and discovered how deflating it can be when a business successfully creates an inbound lead from their website, only to ruin it all with poor first-touch customer service.

The key to being a successful business is having a great website. Once the creation and marketing of your brand is recognisable, it is successful. The other important measure is the ability for the person in charge of the opening impression to be equally awesome.

If your team are not confident, fail to ask your customer's questions (or any questions at all) and are not knowledgeable about their products, they will be unable to turn your leads into sales.


95% of buyers chose a solution provider that “Provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process”   [Source: DemandGen Report]


So how can you get your team to build on their sales training whilst solving your customer's problems?

Having regular sales training is important. How often are you training your team members? Are your opening conversations ruining your sales and marketing? Discover more...


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