4 Simple Ideas to Give Your Social Media a Boost


Sometimes knowing what to post on your social media channels can be overwhelming - you may have 5 allocated time slots to fill but what are you going to share? Each social channel for you will no doubt have a different feel. LinkedIn, professional. Facebook a bit more casual, perhaps some fun - you get the idea. So you should talk to your followers appropriately. 

Build trust

It's really important not to talk about yourself all the time. Take the focus off the hard sell and start looking at sharing or posting content that your followers want to read. If you are a travel agent, for example, find an article on Top Honeymoon destinations, or top tips for packing to go on a holiday. Articles that your customers and followers will find beneficial to their holiday planning.

Reply to comments

This is huge. Replying to feedback is good and bad shows you care. Good feedback is a no brainer really. Use your manners and pop a reply of "Thank you - glad you liked this post". Use your gut feel here - is this an opportunity to paste a link to another blog, or your website?

If someone leaves a complaint on your channels - respond and do it promptly.

The goal with social media and "complaints" is to take the complaint offline as quickly as possible.

You MUST reply though. By replying you show other followers that you care about feedback - an option here is:

"Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us, Can you please private message us and email us with your contact details and we will be in touch".


Not only an awesome way to get great engagement but it’s a super fun way to get your message out there.

A quick video intro for a blog is a great idea - let your personality shine through.

If you have an e-commerce store, a video walking through your warehouse or showing orders packed and ready to go is some fun too - video works well on Instagram and Facebook.

Have fun with the brand

Show some personality. You might not think you have a sexy brand or something desirable to share on social media - but you do have people in your business; those people have personalities - so have some fun with it. Showing some personality and humour gives your customers and followers an insight into what goes on in your business.

Don’t forget that social is petrol - use it to ignite the fire.

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