10 Powerful Benefits of Having A B2B eCommerce Website

In the past, wholesalers and distributors may have treated e-Commerce as an afterthought.

Today, B2B sales continue to move online. Now, the cost benefits of streamlining the sales process with online automation, while also removing the 9-5 ordering barrier, cannot be ignored.

The era of the B2B eCommerce store has arrived. Here are 10 powerful benefits for why you need to make sure your business isn’t left lagging behind:

1. Grow your customer base

A B2B eCommerce website with a public-facing stock catalogue is an indispensable tool to attract new B2B customers. B2B buyers are now online seeking out the best prices, manufacturers and distributors. Shopify provides the perfect tool in their Wholesaler app extension. This identifies new visitors and works to convert them into customers.

2. Increase your sales

As you attract new customers, Shopify also allows you to put in place automated cross-sell and up-sell features on your store. This automation offers relevant suggestions to customers, encouraging them to buy similar items or items with better features or functionality.

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3. Grow your brand awareness

Want to improve your site’s search engine optimisation and bring your target audience to you? A fast way to do this is by making sure your eCommerce store pages can found by search engine crawlers. Make sure each page has important meta and alt tags filled out. The blogging feature on Shopify also provides an outlet for content marketing. Follow Inbound methodology and position your store as an expert in your field.

4. Create a customer-centric experience

Australia is in a unique pre-Amazon position right now. There is so much to learn from their incredible customer service. To maintain relevance, B2B stores should use their template. By pairing intuitive design, outstanding content, and interactive functionality on your website, you will ensure that one of the main reasons that your customers keep coming back is because you look after them.

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5. Exceptional customer service

eCommerce provides you with the opportunity to put in place B2B customer service initiatives. Through integration with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, your eCommerce site can display customer specific products, services and pricing based on customer login credentials.

6. Improve sales engagement

Your physical sales team enjoy using Shopify. It enhances your capability to track customer orders, pricing, and history from anywhere. Your team are then free to focus on strategic partnerships, without losing accountability to the customers they’re servicing. 

7. Boost your analytics

Shopify provides outstanding tools to measure and evaluate everything. Track your marketing campaigns, sales effectiveness, product mix, inventory turns, customer sales effectiveness, and customer engagement.


By combining Google Analytics with Shopify's analytic integration, you can become very specific about what you measure. This allows you to gain actionable insights for your business.


8. Improve your efficiency

Shopify are innovators when it comes to integrating with your back-end business systems. By allowing customers to order online at their convenience, you can shift your focus from merely processing orders.

9. Scalability

Shopify can evolve with you as your business grows. You will be able to scale to meet market demand and customer needs by opening new sales channels. It also allows you to focus on leading your business into new market segments.

10. Create multiple sites

Launching channel-specific or co-branded Shopify stores is simple. You can deliver specific ordering platforms for each of your distributors or key clients. It also means you can create ordering sites targeted to geographic locations, and work easily with their currencies as global markets for eCommerce open up.


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