3 Innovative Tactics That Build Competitive Advantage

The modern-day business world is a highly competitive, busy place. Markets are moving at the speed of light, new innovations and technologies being brought out every day. Almost everyone has access to information on a global scale, a wealth of knowledge available are just a few taps of your fingers away.

Consumers all around the world now have constant access to your business, your industry, as well as your products. The technological revolution has opened up the potential for you in this regard - you’re no longer limited to just selling locally or regionally. Now, you can reach consumers tens of thousands of kilometers away. But so can your competition.

The minute the internet and mobile devices entered the market, it changed it forever.

Businesses no longer have all the power, instead, we are all now in a battle with each other to grasp the buyer’s attention. The buyer holds all the cards, and they know it.

Why should they give you the time of day? What do you offer them that no one else can? And, most importantly, how can you help them? If they don’t get the answer they want, they simply move on to the next contender.

Capturing your consumer’s attention is a difficult thing to do. Attention spans are short, and distrust of businesses is rampant.

So, how can you convince your audience that they should give your business a go?

At The Kingdom, we went through this process. And, we’re willing to share our secrets. Here are some tactics that you can use to not only build the trust of your consumers and encourage sales but will keep them coming back for more.


Give Your Customers Value

Sounds simple, right? It is, but you’d be amazed at the amount of businesses who don’t do it. Giving your customers something that they perceive as valuable can put you leagues ahead of your competitors.

Have a look at your business, and your current assets, as well as your knowledge pool. Identify what your consumers want. Is it a discount on your products? Perhaps it’s access to your expertise in the form of an eBook? Whatever it is, you can utilise it to build your relationship with the buyer. The key word here is a relationship; don’t just jump in for the hard sell and then leave the second it’s over.

If your consumers get something of value, they are more likely to give something away in return.

The bigger the value, the more they’ll give away - email addresses, mobile phone numbers, surveys, petitions, just so long as their gain exceeds your ask. Giving your consumers value stands your business out from the crowd - building your salience and brand likeability while you’re at it.


Entertain Your Target Audience

In the world where every man and their dog is online and regularly using search engines, why not use this to put your business in front of your audience? Don’t fear the Internet, it can be your friend.

Do something that sets you apart. Start a blog, and have fun with it!

No matter what you do, or what you sell, you have the answers that your consumers are seeking.

You have a wealth of knowledge - it’s time to put it to use. Create a blog that serves to answer the customer’s questions in a way that’s engaging and fun - and that doesn’t hurriedly push them towards buy, buy, buy.

This once more plays into giving your audience something valuable in exchange for their attention. If you’re not pushing them into a sale but are still giving them the information they want, they’ll begin to trust you.

This is hugely important, as when they are ready for a sale, they’ll go for the business who they believe cares about them, and their needs. Not just some faceless, emotionless corporation who only cares about the money.


Use Social Media To Reach Your Audience

Consumers are sick and tired of being nagged into buying by intrusive advertisements. They want the information when they want it, not when you want to give it. This is where social media becomes super valuable.

When your audience is hanging out on social media, they are relaxed and ready to engage with your business.

Why not take advantage of this? Get your business active on the social channels and post interesting content that appeals to your market. You’ll grow your presence and your brand personality, all while encouraging the trust and intrigue for your business and offering amongst the buyers.


Yes, in this globalised, technologically advanced world, standing out and capturing the attention of your consumers is a tricky task. However, by incorporating the above 3 tactics into your marketing strategy, you’ll soon find your business transforming into one that is well suited to the new demands of the market. One that your competitors will fear and your buyers will love.

At The Kingdom, we are digital marketing specialists. We know how to get it working properly for you, turning your business into a well tuned, lead generating machine. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you to succeed in this digital world, click here.