Episode 9 - How to Use Social Media to Convert Leads in Your Sales Funnel - Stage 3 Close




Welcome to the 3rd part of our 4 part series on how to use social media to convert leads in your sales funnel. Stage 3, the Close Stage.

The Kingdom's CEO Adam Steinhardt and Zaahn Johnson discover how to grow sales from your inbound marketing sales funnel by using social media.

Our automated sales and marketing experts teach you how to use the HubSpot list tool and Facebook remarketing. You can get fantastic sales results without massive budget investments.

We discuss what we love about HubSpot, in particular, information about a top secret new way to see HubSpot Workflows.

Zaahn has an ongoing fascination with the HubSpot email tool that she reveals, before launching into the big play. What she would do if she was #GirlBoss of HubSpot.

Find out the changes we would recommend to HubSpot.

In closing the team talked about Inbound 2016, getting closer and the new speakers that can't wait to see.

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