5 Ways to Power Up Your Business Facebook Page

How to get your Facebook Page for Business started without spending thousands of dollars? That is the big question.

Facebook has romance attached to it. If you are starting up a business, then Facebook is a must-have social media platform. Social Media Expert, Zaahn Johnson and CEO Adam Steinhardt help give you the tips to get started with Facebook. There is more to it than it seems.

Facebook Analytics Are Powerful

The Facebook Analytics are of great benefit. If you are keen to be successful on Facebook, then you will need an excellent profile, strong art (we love using Canva and recommend it) and plenty of determination.


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Remember that Facebook is a paid platform, so make sure you are creating your content marketing for Google +, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest as well as your website blog. These platforms are much cheaper and easier to gain reach and valuable clicks back to your site.

Work Hard to Create Content

As an inbound marketing agency and Adelaide based social media consultancy, we know that creating content for your marketing is hard work, but can be super powerful.

By creating content all the time for our HubSpot customers, we appreciate that it can be worth taking the time to engage a copywriter to help you.

There is so much to discover that is of benefit to businesses on Facebook; we recommend watching the movie, its super helpful. 

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