Episode 52 - Discover the New HubSpot Service Hub

Episode 52 of HubnSpoke sees the HubSpot expert team of Zaahn Johnson and Adam Steinhardt discuss the all new features of the HubSpot Service Hub.

It's an entirely new part of the HubSpot platform, one that is very exciting for sales and marketing professionals looking to maximize the benefits to their customers.

The HubSpot Service Hub features the new Knowledge Base. If you are looking for a knowledge base for your business, then now is the time to consider HubSpot. Not really replacing those businesses on Zen Desk, but certainly an option for companies that have not got a Knowledge Base in place.

The Kingdom HubSpot Demo

The HubSpot marketing team would be hard at work, introducing Job Tickets to the world, along with the new Conversations part of the tool.

All this makes for a fantastic new part of your HubSpot portal.

Adam and Zaahn have some outstanding tips for Facebook users and HubSpot lead flow operators. Tune in to discover the latest.