How Social Media Influencers Boost your Brand’s Online Presence

Is your company’s social media lack-lustre? You actively post on your Facebook feed and engage with Instagram - but your numbers aren’t growing like they used to.

How can you engage new users and stop them from glossing over your posts? The answer is not just in your content’s quality but who is posting it and representing your brand.

Social media influencers are dominating the digital marketing space around the world and now in Australia. Not only do they increase your brand’s visibility, but the relationship with their followers encourages engagement and drives conversations about your product.

Here are just three ways your business would benefit from partnering with an Australian social media influencer;


Influencers interact with their audience on an almost daily basis. They reply to comments and mentions directly, communicate their opinions with sincerity and share intimate moments from their day.

They are masters at creating strong relationships with their audience. Their opinion becomes very credible because they’ve created a genuine loyalty with their large following.

If your product is reviewed, you’re not only increasing brand awareness. The opinion of an influencer is often accepted across their community, bringing their loyalty to you.

And it doesn’t just stop at their followers. Influencers are great at networking. The established relationships with their peers will also increase exposure to your brand, creating a word of mouth effect amongst other Australian social media influencers and beyond.


Social media influencers are often used in the early stages of a product launch or campaign. They create an awareness before the event to start a buzz around your brand.

But social media influencers don’t just create awareness of your product - they drive conversation.

Through their relationships and active engagement with their audience, not only will your likes boost but your comments and shares will grow.

Influencers can review your product formally on a blog, or share a more candid opinion on Instagram and Snapchat. They maximise visibility by sharing through multiple platforms. But across all social media, they spark conversations between their followers to create a bigger discussion.   

That’s a large, dedicated community engaging with your brand.


Social media influencers first grow their following through the incredible quality of their content. Bloggers and vloggers are not only experts in their field, but they have impressive skills in photography, videography, and editing.

This means social media influencers can bring a fresh perspective and creative solutions to content marketing that your business can repurpose.

If social media influencers can produce content on par with creative agencies, they’re not only designing excellent content for you but target it toward an audience loyal to their voice.

Influencers have tapped into an audience that doesn’t necessarily want to be marketed to, but rather with. They break down the marketing for their audience and translate it in real terms.

They design creative content for your social media strategy that is guaranteed to reach a responsive audience. Sound good?

Move over celebrity ambassadors, influencer marketing appeals to a wide audience and speaks with candour.

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